Mercer | Mettl API FAQs


Q: Can we try out Mettl's APIs without writing any code?
A: You may try out our APIs without writing any code on our API Demo. However, you will need the API keys of your Mettl account to access this tool. Please reach out to your Account manager for the same.

Q: Which systems can Mettl APIs integrate with?
A: Mettl APIs can be used to integrate with any system that can consume REST APIs. Mettl has off-the-shelf integrations with LMSs like MoodleBlackboardCanvas, DoceboD2L Brightspace, Cornerstone SABA, NeoLMS, Open edX and ATSs/HCMs like Akrivia HCM, AshbyDarwinbox, Freshteam, Greenhouse, iCIMSKekaLever, Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms), Peoplise, Superset, Skillate, TurboHire, Workable and Zoho Recruit.
Our clients have also used Mettl's APIs to seamlessly integrated with systems like Jobvite, Oleeo, Oracle Taleo,  SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting (RCM), Workday Recruiting, Zwayam, etc. and even systems developed by them in-house.

Q: How secure are Mettl's APIs?
A: Mettl API calls follow SSL v3 and TLS v1.2 protocols for a secure flow of data.

Q: Which programming languages can we access your APIs in?
A: Mettl APIs, based on the REST framework, are language agnostic. They can be easily called using any programming language ranging from C# to NodeJS.

Q: Does Mettl have any SDKs that can help developers kick-start the process?

Q: Can we create/import/export questions using Mettl's APIs?
A: Mettl's APIs currently only support creation of assessment access link, registering of candidates and result sharing. To create questions, you have to log into your account and perform the necessary steps.

Q: Can we create assessments at run-time using Mettl's APIs?
A: Yes, through our POST API, you can create assessments that contain MCQ, MCA, FITB, SA or LA questions created by your team.

Q: Can we assign certain tests to a particular candidate through your APIs? Can we notify such candidates by email?
A: Yes, candidates can be conveniently assigned tests and notified by email using our APIs. Refer to our API documentation to understand how to do this.

Q: Can we enable anti-cheating measures through Mettl's APIs?
A: Yes, using our APIs, you can conveniently restrict test access time, browsing tolerance limits, webcam proctoring, one-time-email-password, IP restrictions etc.

Q: Can we launch the test directly from our own website/HRMS/LMS/ATS/in-house-built-system?
A: Yes, using our APIs, your candidates can launch the test directly from your system. It would appear as if the test is being conducted on your system itself as the candidate gets a single sign-on-like experience. We also support SP-initiated Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML.

Q: Once exam is complete, does Mettl update our system/database with the candidate's results through push notifications?
A: Yes, using our call back URLs, Mettl can send you candidate test information and results.

Q: Can we access candidate results at a later point in time?
A: Yes, you can conveniently access all candidate results using simple GET Result API calls.

Q: What is the correct order to pass the arguments while generating the Signature for APIs?
A: The arguments should always be in the alphabetical order. For further explanation, refer the Signature Generation section of our API Documentation.