Mercer | Mettl integration with Keka

Integration with Keka

Keka is a simple and intuitive HR software unlike the traditional HR systems. Product made with love and passion to solve the real pain points of the HR world.

Enable the Keka / Mettl integration

To enable the integration, your organization must have an Enterprise account with Mettl.
  1. Contact your Mercer | Mettl Account Manager to request your API Public Key and Private Key.
  2. Login to Keka Hire and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Online Assessment > Mercer | Mettl and input your API keys. Global admin/super recruiter can enable/disable the integration.

  3. In addition to enabling the integration, you may configure:
    1. Webcam proctoring
    2. Browsing tolerance

Sending Assessments to Candidate(s)

Once the integration settings have been configured, you may send an assessment:
  1. Either from the candidate profile: Click More Options > Send Assessment

  2. This function may also be performed in the job view: Click Job > Candidate List > More Options icon > Actions > Send Assessment

  3. Under jobs, you may also trigger a bulk operation for sending assessment. By selecting relevant candidates, you may click on send assessment.

On clicking on Send Assessment, a side pop up window will then open allowing you to configure and send the assessment. From the Select Assessment dropdown, you may choose from one of your assessments in your Mercer | Mettl account. You may also change the test link expiration field value (in days) as per your requirement.

Candidates will then receive an email with the test link mentioning the deadline by when they need to submit the assessment.

Upon sending an assessment successfully, you will be able to see a section for assessments in the Score Card section of a candidate’s profile where the status you will be able to see the status as:
  1. Pending – when the candidate is yet to start the assessment.
  2. In Progress – when the candidate is currently taking the assessment.
  3. Completed – when the candidate has completed the assessment and submitted it.

On successful completion of assessment, an option to View Report will be available for that candidate. On clicking the View Report button, you will be shown the graded report of the candidate.

On successful completion of the assessment, the candidate will receive an acknowledgement email, and the user who scheduled the assessment will be also receive an email with the link to the report.

You may also access a dedicated report view for your Mercer | Mettl assessments via Reports > Assessment report.

This report allows to filter the assessments initiated through Keka Hire for a particular date range, job title and status. For candidates who have already submitted the assessment, you may also access their report from this view.