Mercer | Mettl integration with Meritto

Integration with Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms)

Meritto (formerly NoPaperForms) is India’s largest Enrolment Automation Platform. With a technology first approach to education, Meritto is transforming the way institutions Attract, Engage, and Enroll Students.
Mercer | Mettl’s integration with Meritto allows you to conduct seamless Online Assessments for your prospect students right from Meritto's Student Admission Portal. The integration allows you to Generate Test Links, Display Instant Score Cards, Enable Retakes, and more, without leaving the NPF platform. This REST based API integration is built and maintained by Meritto.


To enable the integration, your institute must have an Enterprise account with Mettl. Contact your Mettl Account Manager to request your institute-level API (Public and private) keys.

Things to note

  1. This prebuilt integration supports mapping one Mettl test link/access key to one Meritto form. For customisation possibilities, please contact your Meritto manager as this integration is built and maintained by Meritto.
  2. Please ensure Private Access is NOT enabled in the test link created for the integration. If you require to invite candidates manually from the Mettl dashboard for a different exercise, please create a new test link manually through Mercer | Mettl dashboard instead of using the test link created for the integration.
  3. For the assessment in question, please ensure that only First Name and Email are mandatory candidate registration fields (CRFs).


Navigate to Settings > Institute Configuration > Manage Exam Config section in your Meritto dashboard.
If you don’t see the configuration option, please reach out to your Meritto Account Manager or drop a support ticket to get it enabled.

Click on Add Exam Config to set the entire process up.

You can set up different assessments based on different application forms. Select Mettl from the list of Exam Vendors and then choose the configurations as per your requirements ranging from Enabling Slot Booking, showing the Begin Test Button, to Enabling Results or Retakes.

You can fill in the Public Key, Private Key, access key from your Mettl account. The NPF system will prefill the other details which will be necessary to complete the integration.

Candidate Experience

  1. Candidates will complete the application form on the NPF Student Admission Portal.
  2. After completion of the form, on the basis of the defined trigger, the candidate will see the “Take Exam” button on their respective dashboard
  3. As soon as the candidate clicks on the Take Exam Button, they will SSO (Single Sign on) to the Mettl Platform where they can give their exam
  4. After completion of the exam, candidates will be redirected to the their NPF Dashboard and based on the configuration, see the score card