Mercer | Mettl integration with Darwinbox

Integration with Darwinbox

Darwinbox is a new-age, cloud-based & mobile-first HRMS platform that is empowering 500+ global enterprises to unleash the true potential of their most critical resource - Talent.
Mercer | Mettl's integration with Darwinbox's Recruitment module allows you to add an assessment to a hiring workflow of a job opening, send an assessment to candidates from within the Darwinbox platform, and link the assessment score and report link back in Darwinbox.

Enabling the integration

To enable the integration, your organization must have an Enterprise account with Mettl. Contact your Mettl Account Manager to request your organization-level API keys. Once you have received your API keys,  you may share these along with the integration requirement to your Darwinbox Customer Success Manager to activate the integration. The entire process may take about 3-4 business days.
At present, in case you wish to use Mettl's anti cheating features like Browsing Tolerance and Webcam Proctoring, you will need to communicate these to your Darwinbox Customer Success Manager at the time of setting up the integration, and these settings will apply to all assessments triggered from Darwinbox Recruiting.

Adding a Mettl Assessment to a Round within the Hiring Workflow of a Job Opening

Once the Darwinbox Recruiting / Mettl integration is enabled for your Darwinbox Recruiting account, you can add Mettl as a Round.

To do this for an existing Job Opening, click on Edit Job and navigate to the Hiring Workflow.

Now, edit the Round in which you would like to use the Mettl assessment.

Select the relevant Assessment from the dropdown and specify the No of Days to Expire.

Sending an Assessment to a Candidate

Navigate to the candidate's profile and click on Schedule.

Here, specify the Start Date and Start Time. When you click on Schedule, the candidate will receive an email from Mettl with the test link, from which they can directly start the assessment.
End Date and End Time are determined by the No of Days to Expire specified while setting up the Hiring Workflow in the previous step.

After the candidate has completed the assessment, the candidate’s score will be available in Darwinbox Recruiting along with the candidate’s report link.