Mercer | Mettl integration with Ashby

Integration with Ashby

Ashby is an all-in-one recruiting platform with powerful analytics, automation, and structured workflows. Ashby enables talent teams to be exceptional at what they do by combining your ATS, CRM, Scheduling, and Analytics into a single consolidated solution without compromising on scalability of customizability. 

Mercer | Mettl's integration with Ashby allows you to link your Mercer | Mettl account with Ashby, send Mercer | Mettl Assessments to candidates from Ashby and get detailed results for these assessments back in Ashby.

Enabling the Mercer | Mettl <> Ashby Integration

To enable the integration, your organization must have an Enterprise account with Mercer | Mettl.

Please navigate to Admin in Ashby’s dashboard. Then navigate to Ashby Integrations and click on it.

Search for Mercer| Mettl Integration and click on the integration as shown below. A pop up for enabling the Mercer | Mettl integration will appear. Click on Enable Mercer | Mettl integrations. 

A pop up will appear where you will need to populate the below shown fields. 

Please click on Ashby API Key. A search bar appears. The name for your Ashby API Key can be populated here and then click on Create new API Key.

Ashby API Key will be generated and displayed. Please copy your Ashby API Key as this is shown only once. Please send this key to Mercer | Mettl support team and ask for your Mercer | Mettl public key at the same time. That can be populated in the field Mercer | Mettl API Key once you receive the same. Once The fields are populated, the integration will be enabled.

Adding Mercer | Mettl Assessment to Candidate Pipeline

Once the Mercer | Mettl integration is enabled for your Ashby’s account, you will be able to add Mercer | Mettl assessment and send it to a candidate. To send the assessment, please follow the following steps:
  1. Please create a job and add Mercer | Mettl assessment to the interview plan for the job. To do this, navigate to your job dashboard and select a job from the job list.

     2. Select a candidate from candidate pipeline stage.

   3. The candidate profile will open in the following manner:

4.  Click on New Activity to add an assessment at this stage. Click on Assessment that appears after New Activity is clicked.

5.  You will be redirected to Add Assessment Activity pop up. Please click on the Mercer | Mettl assessment in Add Assessment Activity. Select the Assessment Type from the dropdown list.

6.  Once selected, click on the Add Activity button at the bottom right corner of the Add Assessment Activity.

7.   You will now see that the assessment has been added to the candidate profile with a Start Assessment button in the Activity section.

Sending Mercer | Mettl Assessment Invite to a Candidate

 1.   In order to send the Assessment invitation to the candidate, click the Start Assessment button in the Activity section of the selected candidate.

 2.  A confirmation pop-up displaying the selected assessment type appears. You will be able to alter the assessment from the drop down list here as well. Click on Start to send the invite.

3.   The screen shows the status of the assessment and the date and time when the assessment was sent. Since the candidate is yet to take the assessment, the result is pending.

4.   The candidate will receive the following email:

View Candidate’s Result in Ashby

1.  A detailed result with Full Report link will appear when the candidate has completed their assessment.