Mercer | Mettl - Enable Examine LTI in Moodle

Enable Examine LTI in Moodle

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This article explains how you may enable Examine in your Moodle LMS.


As an administrator, adding Mettl as a tool sitewide:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI
  2. Click Add external tool configuration.
  3. Enter Tool Name.
  4. Enter the Launch URL into the Tool Base URL field - To be obtained from your Mettl Account Manager
  5. Enter Consumer KeyTo be obtained from your Mettl Account Manager
  6. Enter Shared SecretTo be obtained from your Mettl Account Manager
  7. Under Privacy, set to always share launcher's name and email with tool.
  8. Save changes.
Please ensure that the Default Launch container setting is set to New Window as Mettl doesn't permit opening in an iFrame.

Adding Mettl site-wide tool to a course:
  1. With the editing turned on, in the section you wish to add your external tool, click the Add an activity or resource link (or, if not present, the Add an activity drop-down menu) and choose External tool.
  2. Click Add.
  3. This will take you to the settings page titled Adding a new external tool.
  4. Enter an Activity Name.
  5. Under External Tool Type, select the Mettl LTI external tool from the drop-down that was setup previously.
  6. Ensure the Consumer Key and Shared Secret fields are left blank
  7. Save the settings for the tool.

After Configuration

Configure an assignment on Moodle with:
  1. Submission type “External Tool” 
  2. Select the Mettl tool which was configured above.
  3. Check Load This Tool In A New Tab.

Instructor View

Instructors can Login as Test Creator, where Mettl Test can be mapped to activity on the LMS or Login as Support User to handle support operations.

Test Creator

Instructors would be able to select the Mettl Test from the list of Test that are available in the Mettl Account.

Settings like Browser Tolerance and Advance Visual Proctoring available when Test is mapped

Once a Test is mapped to an Assignment Activity.

Support User

Logged in as a support user, can search for candidates and handle support operations. Operations like allow reattempt, view candidate report, update marks on LMS, Status of the candidate, Score of candidate.

Student View

When the student launches the Assignment, the student is redirected to the Mettl Test which was mapped to the Moodle Assignment.

GradeBook in Moodle

Students complete the Test and marks of the student is updated in the LMS Moodle.