It is a hiring solution that standardizes and automates the hiring process, through scientifically validated assessments and structured interview process, all on a single platform.

Open the URL and log in to the account using the same credentials as of Mettl account i.e.

Once you have logged into the account, you will be able to view your dashboard, the following screen appears:


STEP 1: Click on 'GET STARTED' to define the hiring process for a job role.

STEP 2: Once you click on the 'GET STARTED' button the following screen appears:

  • Job Role Name: Define the name of the job role for which the hiring process is being created or select from our library of roles.

  • No. of Position:  Define the number of openings for the job role.

  • Competencies for Grading: Define the skills/competencies which are relevant to the given Job Role. We can add multiple competencies for a job role. There are multiple predefined competencies which can be added to the job role. You can come back and add/edit these at a later date as well. Click on SAVE & ADD to proceed further.

  • Attach Job Description:  A file can be uploaded to the job role, defining the exact description of the role, which can later be used for reference. This file is shared with applicants and interviewers. The following file formats are supported on Mettl Recruit are PDF, Doc, Docx, of max 5MB in size.


STEP 3: Click on SAVE and then NEXT to proceed further.


ADDING CANDIDATES IN BULK : To add candidates in bulk click on " Bulk Upload "   download the template, add candidates in the downloaded template and upload the file.


TO ADD AND UPDATE CV / RESUME OF CANDIDATE : To update the CV/Resume of a candidate you have to select the button beside the candidate name.

CREATING HIRING STEPS : For creating hiring steps you have two types of templates  Basic Template and Advanced Template.


  • Basic Template - Contains two hiring steps.
  • Advanced Template - Can create as much hiring steps as you want.

For adding assessment for assessment round click on Add Assessment and select the assessment.



In Assessment Settings the settings like Mettl SEB, Browsing Tolerance, Advanced Visual Proctoring, OTP Protected and Advance Options can be added in the assessments.

SCHEDULING INTERVIEW :  Interview can be scheduled it can either Anytime or you can customize it by clicking on Custom and the scheduling the interview date and time.

ADDING INTERVIEWER AND COMPETENCIES : For adding interviewers you have to add Name and Email id or you can add interviewer from existing interviewers list. Also you can add more than one interviewer.




For adding competencies for the interview select competencies from the existing competencies and set the weightage for the competencies.




ADDING APPLICANTS : You can add candidates manually as well you can bulk upload the candidates by downloading the template.



SCHEDULING INTERVIEW AND SENDING INVITE : Now for scheduling interviews set the interview duration and select interviewer and send an invite by clicking on SEND INVITE .






Main Recruiter Dashboard : On the recruiter dashboard of Hiretrack you can see total job roles, the total number of open positions, total applicants  who have been added,shortlisted,on hold,hired,rejected or under offer rollout.




ANALYSING PROCESS : To view the hiring process for a particular job role select hiring process and you can see the hiring process graph for the particular job role according to the total number of rounds. you have set for a job role and the total number of candidates who have successfully appeared in the rounds. You can also view the graph of each particular round.

To view HR decisions select HR decisions and you can see the graph describing the total number of candidates who have been added, shortlisted, on hold, hired, rejected or under offer rollout for a particular job role.


REPORTS VIEWING :  When we see the report of a particular candidate we can view the CV / Resume of the candidate and details of each rounds.




LANGUAGE  : To change the generic language on Hiretrack, you have to select the language from the main dashboard of Hiretrack.