HireTRACK | Defining a hiring process

HireTRACK | Defining a hiring process

How to create a Job Role

STEP 1: Click on 'GET STARTED' to define the hiring process for a job role.

STEP 2: Once you click on the 'GET STARTED' button the following screen appears:

  • Job Role Name: Define the name of the job role for which the hiring process is being created or select from our library of roles.
  • No. of Position:  Define the number of openings for the job role.
  • Competencies for Grading: Define the skills/competencies which are relevant to the given Job Role. We can add multiple competencies for a job role. There are multiple predefined competencies which can be added to the job role. You can come back and add/edit these at a later date aswell. Click on SAVE & ADD to proceed further.

  • Attach Job Description:  A file can be uploaded to the job role, defining the exact description of the role, which can later be used for reference. This file is shared with applicants and interviewers. The following file formats are supported on Mettl Recruit: PDF,Doc,Docx, of max 5MB size.    

STEP 3: Click on SAVE and then NEXT to proceed further. 

Add Hiring Steps

This stage is used to define the flow of hiring for the job role. We can add either an assessment or an interview as a part of a step. Use our predefined templates of hiring steps or create your own, as shown below.Click on the delete icon to delete any step. The process can be edited at any time during the hiring process.  You can customize the Round name to suit your organizational needs.
The name of each Step can be customized, by default it is Round ' n' (n=1,2,3..)

We have provided two templates, namely Basic 2 Step Template (consisting of 1 assessment and 1 interview rounds) and Advanced Template(consisting of 2 assessments and 3 interview rounds).

Below is the sample of the Basic Template:

Defining a Custom Process

Select steps for your hiring process, from assessments and interviews.

Adding an Assessment

STEP 1: Click on the Assessment tab highlighted in the image below.  Once you have decided on the Assessment which is to be added as a part of the step, click on SAVE & ADD to continue. You need to have created Assessments using the Mettl assessment creation platform before adding them to a hiring process here.

STEP 2: Selecting Anti Cheating Setting for Assessments - Define the various settings that you want to enable for this test, the following settings are available.
Click on SAVE & ADD to apply the settings.
The definition of each setting can be referred to in this article.

Adding Interview Panelists and Competencies for Each Round

STEP 1: Click on the Online Interview tab highlighted in the image below:

STEP 2:   You may choose to set the percentage score of each competency. Keep higher percentages for Must-Have skills. Once you click on the edit tab as in the image below, a side menu appears from where you can edit the distribution of each competency. The distribution is made equal by default, you may edit these at anytime. Any new competency can be added for grading purposes. Please make sure the total weightage should be 100%. Click on SAVE & ADD to continue.        


STEP 3:  While defining the hiring process, you can select a panel of interviewers for a particular round. When it's time for the Applicant to be interviewed, you can schedule the interview and select the desired interviewer from this panel or add another interviewers. The process is completely customizable. Please refer the below image to understand how to add an interviewer panel to the interview round. Multiple interviewers can be added each round of hiring.


Once all the interviewers are added, click on SAVE & ADD to continue to the next step.

Adding Applicants

Once you have finished defining the various rounds of the hiring process, the next step is to add potential applicants for the job role. There are 2 ways to add applicants to a hiring process, they are manually and in bulk.

Adding an applicant manually

To add an applicant manually, enter the name and the e-mail id of the applicant as in the highlighted area in the image below. 

Adding applicants in bulk

To add applicants in bulk click on the area highlighted, 'Bulk Upload' in the image below. Clicking on the tab opens a pop-up dialogue box. Click on 'Get Template' to download the file in format which can then be uploaded.

The csv file is downloaded as in the below format. Add the name, e-mail and language of communication for the applicants. Make sure that the format and the headers of the file are not changed. Save the file and click on upload file as highlighted in the above image to add the applicants in bulk.