How to schedule an Assessment

How to schedule an Assessment

Once your test is ready, you can now create an access link/invite email to let candidates access the test. An assessment can have multiple access links with different schedules set for it.The steps to schedule an assessment is mentioned below;
  1. Creating a Test Link
    1. To create a test link for the test, click on Test Link(s)  tab. Once you click on Test Link(s) button, you will get a window from where you can configure the test link for that assessment

  1. Setting Access Time: Using this you can set the date and time to access the test. Outside this defined limit, nobody would be allowed to access the test
    1. Click on ‘Any Time’ and modify. Once you assign the time and date for a link, the link will be active for that time only.
    2. By default, the access time is set to "Any Time". This means candidates can access the test any time they want
    3. Accepting value of minutes in the Access Time of the schedule: Currently, the user can customize the value of access time for a test schedule to hours only. Now the access time can be customized to minutes as well.

      Time format to be entered is HH:MM AM/PM.

      Exact Time Schedule:


Ensuring that the Access Time is at least <10> minutes long: The access time can’t be less than <10 minutes.
Please refer to the picture below. Let’s assume the minimum access time of a schedule can be 20 minutes.

Slot-wise access time: This feature helps you to set the access time for specific time period in a day for consecutive days selected.

As seen above in case the user tries to create a test schedule with access time < 10 minutes by: Changing the end time: then the end time value would reset to previously saved value and an error message would be displayed. Changing the start time: then the end time of the test schedule would shift forward by the same difference.
  1. UI Enhancements: Following UI enhancements have been made on the Test Schedule Dashboard:

       With the release of the enhancements, the slider component has been replaced by the input fields as follows:

           New text message above the timezone input: A new text message has been added above the timezone input box to tell the user the test schedule duration.

Exact Time Schedules:

Slot Wise Schedules:

Time Zone: To set the access time to any specific time zone.

  1. Browsing Tolerance: This is an anti-cheating feature set in the platform which counts the number of times a candidate navigates away from the test window during a test. We can set a specific limit to it, exceeding that limit would result in the termination of the test.It ensures that the candidate does not use unfair means like accessing internet or local files while attempting the test online.
    1. Click on Not applicable to disable this setting. 
    2. No warning:If this is selected, the candidate test is terminated without any warning, if he/she moves out of the test window
    3. Show  warnings remaining :Enabling this check-box allows the candidate to know the number of times he/she is allowed to navigate to other window tabs and warns them immediately. The candidate will be shown warning messages to not navigate away to other window tabs and the number of available limits as shown below.
    4. Please note any update or pop ups inn the system in the back-end while the test is being attempted by the candidate will also be counted as a violation of browsing tolerance.

  1. Proctoring: Enabling this helps in preventing the candidate from cheating during the test by monitoring using LIVE video-feed and image-grabs of the candidate or test screen-grabs.The system also alerts you about any navigation navigates away from the test window.
    1. What is proctoring. Click here  to know more
  2. Advanced Visual Proctoring:  When AVP is enabled, candidate will be asked to submit their live picture and a snapshot of their original Photo ID proof. This would be used as a identify proof and will be used as a reference point for proctoring/monitoring the candidate during the test. This feature works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (latest version recommended).
    1. To enable Advanced Visual Proctoring, select the slide button in front of Advanced Visual Proctoring.
    2. Enabling "Candidate Authorization" activates the process where a remote-authorisor verifies the live-picture and Photo-ID proof of the candidate, before allowing the candidate to begin his/her exam.
    3. Enabling"Capture Candidate Screen”  activates the process where you will have time-interval based screen-grabs of candidates test screen.
  3. Audio Feed during proctoring: While scheduling a proctored test, you can also listen to audio feed of the candidate, while they attempt the test., by default this is option is disabled for all assessments.Once you open the test link, enable the proctoring feature, under which the Make audio optional feature is available. Uncheck the same to make audio mandatory for a test link. PFB the screenshot for your reference:

  1. OTP (One time password) Protection: This is additional layer of  protection which helps you counter possible cheating attempt by candidate.Candidate can access the test link after entering the One-Time Password sent to their registered email address.This OTP is valid only for 5 minutes

           Refer the GIF below for a better experience on the platform with the above settings explained.

More options:

  1. IP address restrictions: Allow candidates only from only a specific range of IP addresses. Click on "No restrictions" and enter the range of IP Address to be allowed
  2. Allow test resume: Toggle between supervised or unsupervised resume of a disconnected test:
    1. Supervised: Need exam admin/account admin approval to resume a test
    2. Unsupervised: Can resume a test without any approval
  3. Test Grade Email:: Enabling this option help in to send a customize email notification to all added recipient/s, whenever any candidate/s completes the test.To customize the email template, following keys can be used;
    1. {candidate-name} : To mention candidate's name.
    2. {candidate-email} : To mention candidate's email address.
    3. {assessment-name} : To mention the assessment name for which the candidate has appeared for.
    4. {schedule-name} : To mention the name of the test link.
    5. {access-key} : to mention the invitation id of the test link.
    6. {candidate-report-button} : To provide a hyperlink in form of a button to view the report of the candidate.
    7. {candidate-percentage-score} : To mention the overall percentage secured in the assessment.
    8. {candidate-absolute-score} : To mention the obtained marks in the assessment.

  1. Private Access:Private access feature helps in restricting an unauthorized candidate to take the assessment.
    1. Add candidate details: You can add multiple sets pf candidates, manually or via bulk upload using a predefined excel format
    2. Candidate details – Prefilled: Enabling this feature helps the candidate to enter only his/her email ID to begin the test
    3. Test link invitation email sharing:  Using this feature, you can send a unique ensrypted test link in a test invitation email to the candidates email address
      1. Click on "Send Email Notification"Once all the candidates have been added, click on ‘Share link'. A test invitation e-mail will be immediately sent to the candidates assigned email address with the test link and check system compatibility link.
        1. Disabling Test link invitation restricts the sharing for the test link with the candidates directly on the email address and just helps to provide them the access on the test link with their registered email addresses mapped/added on the link
      2. You may alter the email template also by adding any customized message in the header and footer of the set default email template.The same can be done with the "Preview "option beside the "Send Email Notification" option.

  1. Pause Test::Enabling Pause Access will deactivate the test link temporarily. Candidate cannot start their test if the link is paused.  To activate the test link, Click on Unpause Access.

  1. Generate Another Link: As mentioned earlier, there can be multiple links to access the same test. Click on Generate Another Link if you have to create multiple test links with different configurations for the same assessment.
  2. Upload Candidate Information/ Create Candidate Bank:While inviting(providing private access) to candidates, you can bulk invite multiple candidates in a single go, using "Candidate Banks"

Refer the link for further understanding of the process Click here