How to schedule an Assessment

How to schedule an Assessment

On the Mercer | Mettl platform, we can schedule a test by sharing the test links with the test-takers. A single test can have multiple test links with different settings. 
To create/customize a test link follow the below steps: 
  1. Go to the “My Tests” tab.
  2. Search for the test that needs to be scheduled and click on the Test Link(s) button. 


The following window will appear after clicking on the same:

The following settings are available for a test link, (All the changes made in the setting are saved automatically):

1. Access Time – The time window within which the test link is active and can be accessed by the test takers. 
By default, the access time is set to any time (Test-takers can access the test link at any time)
Click on “Any time” the following features will be displayed: (as shown in the image)

To select the required Time zone, click on the box “Asia/Kolkata,” search the time zone, and click on it (By default it is set to Asia/Kolkata).
Select the date and time range within which the test link will be active.
Slot-wise access time provides the test-takers a defined time slot for a selected date range in which they can access the test link. Example: please refer to the below image, following settings will activate the test link for 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM from 7th April 2023 to 9th April 2023. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Slot-wise.” 

Select the time and date range as per the requirement. 

2. Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) – This browser converts candidate system into safe lockdown browser which prohibits any third-party application in the background that can be used for cheating.
(Note – For any test-taker to attempt a Mettl Secure Browser-enabled link MSB must be installed on the system for which the test taker will be guided in case they do not have it on their system)

3. Browsing Tolerance - This feature counts every time a test-taker navigates away from the test window to give warnings (optional) if the set limit is exceeded the test will be terminated. To enable this feature click on “Not Applicable” to set the limit for the test-takers. 
Not Applicable - It is selected means Browsing Tolerance will not be applicable for that test link. 
No Warning – It denotes the test will be terminated without any warning.
We can select the warning counts from the options, or we can also select the Custom-warning limits as per the requirement of the test.

4. Advanced Visual Proctoring – This advanced feature provides the candidates’ live feed to be monitored and it generates flags for each suspicious activity, for example, if the candidate’s face is not fully visible, if the test-taker is looking away from the test window, etc. To enable this feature click on the toggle button next to “Advanced Visual proctoring.” After selecting the feature, the following options will appear:

Capture Candidate Screen – This feature captures the candidate screen snapshots at every 60s. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Capture Candidate Screen.” Also, along with the reports, we can view the candidate screen snapshots while viewing the live feed of a candidate too.

Candidate Authorization - Candidate authorization is a manual intervention, and the authorizer can allow/block the candidate which will confirm candidate’s authenticity with a 360-degree check . It includes parameters like screen capture, webcam video and audio proctoring. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Candidate Authorization.”
Store Recorded Video – This feature allows us to capture candidate's webcam input for the entire test this can be previewed in the Test-taker’s report. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Store Recorded Video.”
Audio Proctoring - While scheduling a proctored test, we can also listen to the audio feed of the candidate while they attempt the test.  This feature will detect any human speech and the number of speakers during the test. By default, this option is disabled for all the tests. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Audio Proctoring.”
                              Note- Store recorded video is a pre-requisite to enable this feature
•    Mandatory 360 Check – This prompts the candidate to show the entire room before taking the test through their webcam. 

5. OTP (One Time Password) Protected - This feature helps us to counter impersonation attempts by the test-takers. Test-takers can access the test link only after entering the One-Time Password, sent to their registered email address.
[Note – This OTP is valid only for 5 minutes.]

More Options – 

  Click on “More Options” to enable the following features:

6. IP Address Restrictions – This feature allows test-takers to attempt the test from a defined range of systems. To enable this feature click on “No Restrictions” and enter the range of IP addresses to be allowed. 

7. Allow Test Resume – In case the test-taker disconnects from the internet, or the test window crashes/closed, the test-taker can start their test from the point it got disconnected/closed, by using the same link. This can be supervised or unsupervised - 
Supervised - That needs approval from the Account Owner.
Unsupervised – That does not need approval from the Account Owner within 30 minutes.

8. Test Grade – This feature helps to send a customized E-mail notification to all added recipients, when the test-takers’ reports are ready. We can customize the E-mail templates as per our requirements. We can access the same by selecting the checkbox next to “Share Grade Email”.
We need to add email addresses of the recipients separated by a comma in case of multiple addresses in the “To” textbox.
The email template is also very customizable.
Below mentioned keys can be used be to customise the email notification:

{candidate-name}: name of the test taker
{candidate-email}: email id of the test taker
{candidate-id}: id of the test taker
{assessment-name}: name of the test
{schedule-name}: name of the test link
{access-key}: unique identifier key linked to the test
{candidate-report-button}: click button to open report

The email template can also be customized as per requirements by clicking on “Reset Email Template”.

9. Private Access – Private access feature helps in restricting an unmapped Test-Taker to take the Test. To enable this feature, select the check box next to “Private Access.” Click here to know more about it.

[Note- For the steps to create Test-takers banks click here]

10.   To generate a new test link for the test, click on “Generate Another Link” The following pop-up window will appear:

 Provide a unique name for the test link and click on the “Generate” button (Note: The test link’s name     must be unique for a test.)

Scheduled Test Link - Scheduled Test Link provides the Test- Takers with a Waiting Window so that all of them can report before the Test Time and start the Test at a fixed set time. To enable this feature, we need to select “Scheduled” next to the “Duration” type of link. Click here to know more.