Private Access

Private Access

You may have read about various anti-cheating measures available in Mettl's assessment engine. One of such method is allowing "Private Access" to a test schedule/link. 
Providing private access necessarily means restricting test access to open public and allowing only a certain set of candidates take the assessment. Only the candidates mapped to a test link will be able to access the assessment with the respective email ids that will be mapped.
Private Access restrictions can be set on any test link of an assessment by enabling the "Private access" button and then inviting the approved set of candidates to take the assessment(s).

Following is a step by step guide to understand enabling private access –

1. Click on Test Link(s) tab in you selected assessment, and then click on Generate another Link to create a new test link and provide a test link name. 

2. Select the check box right next to “Private Access”.
3. Select the “send email notification” checkbox.
4. Add candidate details by entering their email address and first name then click on “ADD MORE CANDIDATES” in case there are multiple candidates to be added. We can also import an already created candidate data bank by clicking on “IMPORT FROM CANDIDATE GROUPS”.

Click here to know how to create a candidate data bank.

5. Click on “SHARE LINK” to shoot an email with the private access link to the selected candidates.

To know how to customize the email invite sent to the test takers, click here.

Disabling the “send email notification” restricts the sharing of the test link with the Test-Takers directly on the email address and just helps to provide them access to the test link with their registered email addresses mapped/added on the link. In that case, we need to click on “Provide Access”.