Scheduled Test Link with Waiting Room

Scheduled Test Link with Waiting Room

Mercer | Mettl’s waiting room helps in preventing cheating and provides the experience of offline examination, where once the test-takers enter the examination hall, they are under supervision.  
Below are some of the problems it solves. Most of the functionalities are the same as that of a “Duration” type test:                             
Previously test-takers had the flexibility to start their test anytime during the access window. Test-takers intentionally used to start the test late so that they could collaborate and get the answers to questions, leaked from other test-takers who started the test early. 
Test-takers could intentionally disconnect their internet to perform malpractices. 
Below are some features we provide: 

1. Select Date – This is the date when the test is scheduled. Select the required date. 
2. Time Zone - We need to select the proper time zone for the Test Link to configure it to specific tome zone. 

3. Test Time - Test Time has 2 components; 
o “Start at” function helps to start the test for all the test-takers at a defined time. Start time can’t be less than 1 hour from the present time.
o “End at” function is an optional feature that can be enabled to end the test for all the test-takers at a defined time. Point to note: For timed section test this setting can’t be enabled.
4. Reporting Time -  
Reporting Time has 2 components; 
o “Start at” is the time from which the candidate can access the link and enter the waiting room. “Start at” time can be set as the maximum of 45 minutes before the Test Start time. 
o “End at” is the time after which fresh candidates will not be able to enter the waiting room/test. “End at” time can be set as the maximum of 30 minutes after the test starts.
5. Advanced Visual Proctoring – 
We can choose Waiting Room Facility even when we enable Advanced Visual Proctoring in our Platform. 

 6.   Waiting Room Instructions – 
As the Candidates fill in their details, they wait in the waiting room, a section where customizable instructions can be displayed, also mentioning the Test start time. Once the time is up, the Test starts for all Candidates at the same time. 

To make customization to the instructions click on “View/Edit” post that put the required instruction and click on “Save”.

 Points to Remember –  
1. Test Start time can be set one hour or more than the current time,  
Example: Current time is 03:00 PM, then the test start time can be set as 04:00 PM onwards. 
2. The Reporting Time of the Test can be set minimum of 10 minutes and maximum 
45 minutes before the Test start time. 
3. Reporting End time cannot be set more than 30 minutes after the test start time. 
4. Test end time (if enabled) will act as a common end time of the test for all the candidates  
Irrespective of when the test was started. 
5. If the test end time is defined, then a disconnected candidate will lose time, as the test timer will not be paused. 
6. Once the reporting starts, the Test Start time cannot be updated, but Reporting time can be extended by 30 minutes. 
7. Any candidate who tries to join the test post the Reporting Time will not be allowed to appear for the same. 
8. Any candidate who joins the Waiting Room and gets disconnected would have to resubmit details for authorization and be authorized again to take the Test. 
9. After joining the Test, the Test-Taker directly starts the Test once the Authorization is done.  
10. A Pause or End test feature will be available for the proctors after the test starts not prior to that. 
11. The Proctors can chat and make announcements to their allotted candidates while in the Waiting Room. The candidate also has the choice to use the Support Chat in the waiting Room. But the test can never be terminated while the Test-Takers will be in the Waiting Room. 
Note: All the remaining features and the flow of generating a test link are the same as “Duration” type test link.