Viewing an Applicant

Viewing an Applicant

There are multiple other columns that provide information of an applicant:

  1. Progress: The progress column shows the latest hiring step the applicant is scheduled for. 
  2. Latest Status: The column defines the status of the applicant for the step in the hiring step he/she is at. It says whether the applicant has been invited/graded for the Assessment/Interview.
  3. Take HR Decision: Clicking on the tab will enable you to categorize an applicant.

The following screen appears, click on Take HR Decision:

Once you have clicked on 'Take HR Decision', the following pop-up appears:

The applicant can be categorized under the following different status:

  • Invite Again
  • On Hold
  • Rejected
  • Shortlist
  • Hired

Click on 'Confirm' to change the status. You may review this status and update it as per your requirements.

4. View Report:  Click on the tab highlighted to view the performance of each round of the applicant. The following screen appears:

Click on 'View Details' to see the applicant's performance. The rounds wherein the test score is available are the assessment rounds and the rounds wherein the applicant is graded are the interview round. The applicant is graded for the interview according to the various competencies defined while defining the job role. The status of the applicant can also be viewed, as highlighted in the above image. 

View Details for an Interview:

The report is viewed in the following format:

Under the Grades tab, you can view the different ratings given to the applicant for each competency by the interviewer.

Under the Editor Data tab, you can view the applicants' performance on the different collaborative tools such as the coding simulator, diagram simulator and notepad that are provided at the time of the interview.

View Details for an Assessment:

When you view the report of an assessment it is in a PDF format, the same as on the vanilla platform. Following is a sample screenshot of the same: