Mettl Recruit / HireTRACK - An Introduction

Mettl Recruit / HireTRACK - An Introduction

HireTRACK is a recruitment solution that standardizes and automates the hiring process, through scientifically validated assessments and structured interview process, all on a single platform.
To enable access to HireTRACK, please reach out to us here.

Once activated, to navigate to HireTRACK, login to your account and select the option from the More Apps dropdown as shown.

You will now be able to view your dashboard:

Refer to the articles below for:

  1. Defining a hiring process
  2. Scheduling Tests / Interviews for an Applicant
  3. Viewing an Applicant
  4. Rescheduling an Interview and Assessment
  5. Guidelines:
    1. For the Interviewer
    2. For the Interviewee/ Applicant