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Mettl Results Dashboard

Getting Started with Mettl Results Dashboard 

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Get a holistic understanding of the Results dashboard through this article. 


Global Filter

  1. The “test-link” filter is the only global filter and works on the entire results dashboard page. 
  2. The test-link filter allows you to filter all the data based on test-links. For example: If one test-link is selected then all the data in the widgets as well as the test-taker table will be displayed w.r.t the test link.  
  3. You can select single test link or multiple test links in the filter. 
  4. The test-link filter also has an indicator to show you if a test-link is live. In case of multiple tests links the indicator will be displayed if at least one test-link is live. 
  5. For each test link multiple indicators are displayed as depending on the state of test link 
    1. Live (Test Link is currently active) 
    2. Completed (The access time is in the past wrt current time) 
    3. Not started (The access time is in future wrt current time) 

Note- The indicators are displayed only for test-links which have a test-window/duration specified  


The following widgets are available on the newly introduced results dashboard: 

i. Test Overview

This widget provides you with an overview of the total number of test-links created in the test and the total number of test-takers across the links. 

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ii. Status Summary

This widget gives an overview of the current status of test-takers in this test. 

There are 7 states which you would be able to see for a test-taker depending on the test-settings 
  1. Yet to Start   
  2. Not Started  
  3. In Progress  
  4. Completed  
  5. Test stopped  
  6. Blocked  
  7. Disconnected 
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iii. Performance Category

This widget allows you to categorize test-takers into customized buckets based on their performance.

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iv. Usage Overview

This widget gives an overview of usage of the test over a period i.e. the number of test-takers that appeared for this test on a given date. 

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v. Time v/s Score

This graph provides an overview of how the various test-takers have performed. It shows a scatter plot of the total score (in percent) versus the time (in minutes). 

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vi. Score Distribution

This is a graph between frequency vs % of score. It also enables you to set up a score interval and a pass interval. 

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vii. e-mail Status

This widget gives an overall view of the invitation email sent out to the test-takers.

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viii. Compatibility Status

This provides the overview of whether test-takers have checked system compatibility or not.

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Test-Taker table displays granular details about all the test-takers who have either taken the test or are yet to take the test.  
 Test-taker table has various features which help you analyze the results in an efficient manner. These features include  
  1. Filtering  
  2. Searching  
  3. Sorting 
  4. Customizing columns   
  5. Actions  
  6. Downloading various reports and excels 


S No.
Column Name
Name and email-id of the test-taker
Score secured by the test-taker in a test
Overall Status
It’ll show the current status of the test taker. For ex. The column will display “In Progress” if the test taker has commenced the test.
Detailed Status
Detailed status gives more information about the overall status.
Multiple action are available for each test-taker. For ex- resume test.
Test taker ID
Test taker ID as generated by the Mercer Mettl Platform


S No.
Column Name
Performance Categories
It will show you the category the test taker comes under. The category for a test taker will depend upon the logic defined while setting up the performance categories.
2Email status
These are the 4 statuses you’ll receive for the status of the invitation email sent to the test taker. 

Sent - the email has been sent from the platform.
Delivered- Mail has been successfully delivered. 
Opened- Mail has been opened by the test-taker.
Bounced- Mail has not been delivered. 
Invited On
It displays the date on which the e-mail was sent to the test taker. 
Test Date
It displays the date on which the test was completed by the test-taker. 
This displays the overall percentage of the test-taker 
Section Details
It gives score secured by test-taker for each section in the test.
Started on
Date on which test was commenced by the test-taker. 
Submission Date
Date on which submission is to be made.

Only applicable for deadline-based tests. These are tests where the deadline to submit the test can be in days.
Reported at
Time at which test-taker enters the waiting room.

Only applicable if waiting room is enabled for the test.

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