Status Details of Test-taker

Status Details of Test-taker

Understanding the various statuses of the Test-taker 

This will help you understand the various statuses a test-taker can fall under throughout their test taking journey 


The Overall Status is accompanied by one or more detailed statuses giving you in-depth information about what's happening within a state. 

Overall Status
Detailed Status
Yet to Start
Test-takers have been added to a test-link via candidate banks or manual entry, but an email hasn’t been sent.
Yet to Start
Test-taker has been invited for the test via email.
Yet to Start
Test-taker has registered by clicking on proceed/submit button on the test-taker portal. 
Not Started
Access Expired
1-Test-taker didn't start the test and access time elapsed. 
2- Test-taker has registered by saving registration fields on test-taker portal but didn’t start the test and access time elapsed.
3- In case of deadline-based assessments, this status will be displayed when submission date is elapsed.
Test –taker has started the test 
Awaiting Resume Permission
Test-taker got disconnected and is awaiting resume permission from admin (if Supervised resume is enabled). 
Test-taker completed
Test-taker clicked on the Finish button to submit the test. 
Time Over
The test was auto-submitted as the test-taker ran out of time. 
Test Stopped
Mic Mute Limit exceeded
The test was stopped because of exceeding mic mute count.
Test Stopped
Browsing Tolerance Limit Exceeded
The test was stopped because of exceeding Browsing Tolerance.
Test Stopped
Proctor Stopped 
Proctor stopped the test.
Test Stopped
Suspicious Software Detected
The test was stopped because of suspicious software. 
Test Stopped
Multiple Screen Detected
The test was stopped because of multiple screens detected.
Test Stopped
Prohibited Apps Running
The test was stopped because of prohibited apps running. 
Test Stopped
Screen Capture/Recording Detected
The test was stopped because of screen capture/recording. 
Test Stopped
Screen Sharing/Remote Access Detected 
The test was stopped because of screen share/remote access.
Authorizer Blocked
The authorizer blocked the test-taker from starting the test.
Disconnected from Server
The test-taker got disconnected because of power failure/bad internet and couldn't resume within 30 minutes. 
Test Window Closed
Test-taker closed the window and navigated away from the screen. Test-taker didn't resume the test in 30 mins. 
Awaiting Test-taker Resume
The test-taker got disconnected and admin resumed the test (normal resume). 

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