Results Dashboard: Widgets

Results Dashboard: Widgets

Getting started with the various Widgets on Results page

View, understand and customize your Results in a way best suited for your needs

This article gives you a detailed understanding of the various widgets on the new results dashboard.   

 Test Overview  

This widget displays the total number of test-links in the test and the total number of test-takers across the links.    
The count of test-takers includes test-takers which: 

  1. Have either been invited via email from Mettl’s platform.   
  2. Or have been mapped to a test link via candidate but not invited via email.
  3. Or have neither been invited nor mapped to the test link but have registered for the test (by adding registration details) 

Status Summary

Yet to Start
The test-taker is yet to begin the test.
Not Started 
The test is no longer available for the test-taker to take since the test wasn't started in duration of the the access time. 

Only when the test has a defined test window will this status be shown. (For instance, the test will be available on October 20, 2022, from 1:30 to 3:30 IST.)
In Progress
The test-taker is currently taking the test.
The test-taker has finished the test.  
Test stopped
In cases where proctoring flags are triggered or  browsing tolerance has been exceeded, the overall status will display test stopped.

Proctoring settings need to be set up during test-link creation for this status to displayed
The test-taker was blocked by the authorizer.
The test-taker got disconnected while taking the test due to an internet/ server disruption.

Compatibility check status 

Compatibility check status enables an individual to check if his/her system meets the requirements for running the test.   
An overview of the compatibility check status is provided in this graph. It has the following 3 values:  

Yet to take - Test-taker is yet to do system compatibility check.
Passed- The test-takers system is compatible. 
Failed – The test-takers system is not compatible.

This only applies if test-takers have been invited via emails 

Mail Status

The mail status gives an overall of the invitation email sent out to the test-taker, there are three statuses available: 

Delivered - Mail has been successfully delivered to the test-taker.  

Opened – The test-taker has opened the mail.  

Bounced - The mail was not delivered. In such a case please re-check the test-taker Email ID.  

Note: This graph shows the status of the most recent email sent to the test-taker, if your account has the reminder email functionality enabled.  

Performance category 

​This allows you to set up a logic to segregate the performance of test-takers into categories. Thus, allowing you to reach the suitable test-taker faster.

Time v/s Score

This graph provides an overview ohow the test-takers have performed. This graph shows a scatter plot of the total score (in percent) versus the time (in minutes).  

A certain test-taker is represented by the following co-ordinates: 

X axis = Time in minutes  

Y axis = Overall percentage 

Test completion mode is represented by the color and shape of the point in the graph 

Score Distribution

This is a graph which depicts frequency vs %age of score.

It also allows you to set up a score interval and a pass interval. 

Usage Overview

This graph provides a summary of test utilization over time. Specifically, how frequently different test-takers took the exam throughout a time period where: 

X axis denotes Dates 

Y axis denotes Number of times a test was administered on a specific date. 

Language Share 

It is only applicable if the type of question is codelysis.  

Various coding languages used are shown to the test-taker for the codelysis questions.  

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