If you are yet to start your test and have some queries

If you are yet to start your test and have some queries

I have not received my test link. What should be done?

Please check the email from admin.mettl@mercer.com in your inbox. If not able to locate the email in inbox, please check the same on spam/junk folder.
If you have not received any email regarding the test, kindly contact with the organization/team/university/person who initially shared the test information with you.

What are the system requirements to attempt a test? How do I check if my system is compatible?

Please refer to the system requirements for test  here.

In case you have received an invitation email from your test administrator, via  admin.mettl@mercer.com , select the “Check System Compatibility”  button. Clicking the button will launch a compatibility check process. Please follow the step-by-step instructions:

1. If your system is compatible, it will show the message “Looks Great the Test will run just fine on this computer”. 

2. If you get an error, please proceed as per the error message on the screen or get in touch with Mercer | Mettl support team or your test administrator.

What is a proctored test/non-proctored test?

Mettl’s non-proctored test does not need any special software or hardware to launch and can be attempted with a minimum network bandwidth of 256 kbps. An integrated webcam will not be required to launch this test on your system.

Mettl’s proctored tests are usually run on a web-cam integrated computer and you can monitor by an external proctor using your live-video feed. Please ensure you have an uninterrupted network bandwidth of 512 kbps during the test.  Also, please note that:

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Mobile devices (e.g. Cellphone / Smartphones / Pads / Tablets)

What is MSB?

Mettl Secure Browser is a web-based lockdown browser that converts any system into a safe workstation. 

1. It does not allow you to move out of the test window before the test is finished. It also restricts you from opening any unauthorized website or accessing any blacklisted software/third party applications. 

2. MSB also shuts down all active applications, such as other browsers and cheating tools.

How do I get the setup file for Mettl Secure Browser?

There are two ways you can download the MSB setup file (.exe file)

1. Open the test URL, provided by your test administrator, in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.). Click on Launch Test button
2. You will now see two options on the window: “DOWNLOAD MSB” and “PROCEED to TEST”. Click on "Download MSB" to save the exe file on your computer

3. In case you have received an invitation email from your test administrator, via admin.mettl@mercer.com , click on the button to download MSB available in the email body.

What are the steps to install and run the Mettl Secure Browser?

Please refer to the article here to know how to install and run MSB.

What are modes of payment through which payment can be made to appear for certification?

If the payment has to be made in INR then following are the payment modes available:

(a) Credit/Debit Card
(b) Wallet
(c ) HDFC PayZapp
(d) Net banking
If it is USD, then only available mode is PayPal.
Amount deducted from the bank account and assessment was not enabled. 

Kindly write an email to mettl-support@mercer.com and share your transaction details Like Transaction ID, mode of payment and mention your account login URL. You can also share bank statement as well.

How do I whitelist Mettl email address to receive the test invitation email? 

Please refer to the steps mentioned on our article here.