Windows MSB 12

Windows MSB

What is MSB?

 Mettl Secure Browser is a web-based lockdown browser that converts any system into a safe workstation. 

It does not allow the candidate to move out of the test window before the test is finished. It also restricts from opening any unauthorized website or accessing any blacklisted software/third party applications. 

MSB also shuts down all active applications and browsers which can be used as cheating tools.
Installing MSB
To begin MSB installation, you need to have MSB file downloaded on your computer. You can get this installation(.exe) file either through the test invitation email you may have received or via a direct download link. Click on the Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) downloaded file with the name MSB.exe. You must follow the below steps:


Launching MSB 

Once the candidate has successfully installed MSB on the computer, candidate should use the test link to launch MSB application. While launching the test, Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) will force-close all the browser windows and applications active on the system and ask for formal permission to do so.

Note: The candidate should not double click on the MSB application logo directly.

To proceed, click on “OK” button and allow MSB to close these applications and browsers.
Also, if MSB is not able to close all the mentioned applications on its own, it may prompt the candidate to close those applications manually from the Task Manager.

Kindly open the Task Manager on your system, select the mentioned options from the Apps and background processes prompted by MSB and close them by clicking on End Task.
Things to remember: To make sure that you do not face any trouble while attempting a test on MSB, please ensure the following:
There are no restrictions on the network.

The anti virus may restrict MSB access to run successfully. In this case, add MSB to Trusted applications in your Anti Virus. Or disable the Antivirus.
The candidate should have administrator rights on the system and not logged in as a Guest User.

The system’s OS is up to date with no pending installations / updates.
Operating System: 

Windows MSB 12 will run on only windows (7 and above)  and will support a minimum of 4.5.1. .NET framework (which comes inbuilt in the MSB.exe file)
Memory requirements: MSB requires a 65 MB permanent free space on the default hard drive.

Attempting Test in MSB 

Once the candidate has installed and successfully launched a test in MSB, MSB will not allow the candidate to move out of the application before the test is finished. All previously running browsers & applications are now forced closed by MSB and the candidate will not be able to access them
MSB does not have any navigation buttons, but the optional reload button in the taskbar or the key F5 can be used to reload the current page.
Avoid pressing F5 key as it also submits the test if pressed while attempting the questions.
 MSB also does not allow sharing/mirroring of computer screens on any other display device

If the device screen is shared before starting the test, MSB will not allow it to launch the test until the candidate removes shared screens 

If the candidate attaches the cable to share screens attempting the test, the test will be terminated.