Whitelisting Test Invitation Email

Whitelisting Test Invitation Email

If you want to ensure the test invitation email is never sent to your spam/junk folder, ensure to add the email address (admin.mettl@mercer.com) to your address book. 
We have shared the steps below to add a contact on some of the most popular email service providers and tools. 

1. Open Gmail  in a web browser and login into the account.
2. Click the Google apps button (it's shaped like a grid) at the top-right, next to your account icon.
3. Click Contacts. or go to contacts.google.com on a web browser.

4.  Open Contacts and click Plus icon Create contact.

5. Enter the contact's name and add Mercer Mettl email id- admin.mettl@mercer.com.
6. Click on "Save".

Yahoo Mail

1. Open Yahoo Mail in a web browser and then click the Contacts icon near the top of the page, to the right of the inbox.

2. Click on "Add a new contact".

3. Fill in the details Mercer Mettl email id- admin.mettl@mercer.com. and then click "Save."

Outlook.com (online)

1. Open Outlook in a web browser and login into the account.  Click the app launcher icon — the nine-dot box — in the upper-left corner of the screen to view the available apps.  Select All apps to expand the list.

2. Select the People app to open your contacts list. Add a contact in the People app by selecting New Contact and entering the Mercer Mettl email id- admin.mettl@mercer.com.

3. Click Save to save the new contact.

iCloud Mail

1. Login into your iCloud account. After successfully login, click the “Contacts” icon on the main page and go to the contacts' page.

2. Create a new contact: click the Show Add Menu pop-up button in the sidebar, then choose New Contact. A blank contact card appears.

3. Add information Mercer Mettl email id- admin.mettl@mercer.com and Click Done.

Microsoft Outlook App

1. Click on the drop-down icon next to “New Email” in the "Home" tab and select "Contact." 

2. In the new contact window, enter the Mercer Mettl email id- admin.mettl@mercer.com, then select the "Save and Close" button.