Mettl platform helps prevent cheating remotely by:

1. Allowing only registered candidates take the tests, through verified test-registration fields.

2. Preventing candidates from navigating away from test window.

3. Blocking "copy-paste", "print-screen" controls.

4. Capturing live images through the web camera enabled tests, to prevent impersonation and use of unfair means.

Mettl platform supports 'proctoring', in order to prevent candidate cheating, or attempting to take the test by unfair means. Mettl supports two types of proctoring - 
1. Browsing Tolerance - It restricts the navigation of the candidate to open other window/tabs, other than the main test assessment window, hereby ensuring that the candidate does not obtain the correct answers by cheating/tracing over the internet. 

2. Advanced Visual Proctoring - Here, snapshots of the candidate are taken at regular intervals through the systems' webcam, and are included in the candidate's assessment report to be viewed by the assessors, and see if the candidate has used to unfair means to take the test.

Other methods included to prevent cheating are -

  • Restricting test access 

  • Fixing test schedules -  enabling the candidate to take the assessment(s) only during the designated time slot.

  • IP Address Permissions - to enable/disable a candidate to take an assessment from a particular IP Address or a range of IP Addresses.

  • Allow Copy and Paste - to enable/disable the assessment content to be copy-able or paste-able by the candidate.