Managing Assessment Settings

Managing Assessment Settings

You may have learned about the steps involved in creating an assessment. To read about it again, click here. In this article, you'll get to know about more advanced settings that you can enable while creating a test

Click in "Advanced Options" as shown in the picture below

Test Options

 As shown in the image below, this option allows you to setup following test related setting:

  • Show custom message before assessment starts: You can setup a custom message that will be displayed to candidates before the test begins( at the time of loading the test)
  • Allow copy and paste (useful if assessment has coding problems): By default, Metll does not allow copy/paste on/from the test window. However, if t here is any such requirement during the test, you can chose to allow this by using this setting.
  • Show custom message to candidate after test finishes: Candidates can be shown a custom created message( Thank you message or any other important information) after they finish their test. Candidates can also be shown their performance category with a custom message set as per each performance category. You can read  more about Performance Categories in our article here
  • Show report to test-taker after test finishes: Candidates can be provided with pdf download enabled link to view their test performance report, immediately after completion of their test.
  • Redirect test-takers after test finishes: You may need to redirect your candidates to a custom web-page and can you use this option to redirect them.
  • Provide on-screen calculator: Candidates can use Mettl's advanced on-screen calculator to make difficult calculations while attempting the test. It can be accessed by candidates form the calculator icon in their test screen.
  • Fixed Section Order for test-takers: Candidate test can have multiple sections. However, if you want to fix the order in which the candidates attempt their test, you can use this option. A candidate can never move back to a previously attempted section
  • Custom Assessment Name: This feature helps to mask the display name of the Assessment and show a custom assessment name to the candidate
  • For e.g. An assessment could be named as “Java Version 10” in your account but with this feature we can assign a psuedo name “Java Consultant”.
  • Using this option, you may link the assessment name and schedule name/test link name. Simply use the key words {assessment-name} to pick the current assessment name and {schedule-name} to pick up the current schedule name.

Section Options

Now that you have learned about test related settings, you can now also lean about settings that can be applied to each section of your custom designed test. Click on "Section Options" in advanced options.
Using these options, you can alter/provide various settings to each section. These can be:
  • Section Instruction: Setting up custom instructions(to be shown to candidate) for each each section of test
  • Make All Questions Mandatory: This ensures that the candidate does not move to next section until he/she has attempted all questions in the currently selected section(usually used in behavioral tests)
  • Randomize QuestionsEnabling this feature will randomize the question to be displayed on the test from the skill that has been selected.
  • Randomize Options: Enable this to randomly juggle the options/possible answer of a question(MCQ, Checkbox type questions etc) . However, while using this setting please ensure that if any question has options like "All of the above" or "None of the Above ", please rename it as "All of the given options" or "None of the given options"
  • Section OrderUse this to define the order in which the sections of test will be shown to candidates. Please note, if the section order for test is fixed for the test takers, they will not be able to switch between sections and attempt the test only in the order you have defined here.

  1. Candidate Registration Fields (CRF): Using this option, you can
    1. Select/un-select the registration fields(from already defined set of fields defined in your account) that the candidates will fill while attempting the test. Please note, this selection will be only applicable to this test and not in your account
    2. Select/Un-Select the verification of CRF's in case they are already pre-filled
  1. Coding Questions Settings: For details information around that same Click here.