Customization of blue print for the test (Basic)

Customization of blue print for the test (Basic)

While creating an assessment we can, select the topics for the test and  also can define other parameters like:

1. Section Name: A test may have multiple sections, depending upon the structure of the test. To create/edit sections

  1. Double Click on the default section name and feed the section name.  We can set the same section name for multiple “skills / Question Banks” that has been added. Thus, when the test is started questions from these skill sets would be presented under one Section Name.

2. Skill Name: This is a non-editable field. The selected topics/skill names will be shown in this field.

3. Source: This is a non-editable field and indicates the source from where the skill/topic has been picked which can either be “Mettl” indicating that this question bank has been picked from Mercer | Mettl library or “Self” indicating that this question bank has been picked and uploaded by the account owner.

4. Level: This displays the level of question bank/topic/skill that has been selected. If present, we can switch and select alternate levels of questions from the drop-down shown after double clicking this field. 

  1. To have three difficulty levels of the same skill, we must add that skill three times. We cannot have the same skill with the same difficulty level twice in the same test.

5. Q- Type: This field displays the Type of question that we can pick from the topic/skills. For eg. If the skill name "Java" has MCQ, Checkbox and Code Snippet type of questions, we can select the type of question that you would want in the test. However, if you want the system to randomly chose between all the question types, please select "All Type"

 6. No. of Questions: We will choose the number of questions that we want to randomly display in the test (from the available questions in the selected skills/topic.

  1. However, if you wish to pick & select a specific set of questions, you can do so by clicking on the total available questions (233 of 3345) and handpicking the set of questions you want to show


7. Correct Grade: To allocate marks to each correct answer given in this topic/skill, chose this field and enter the marks


8. Incorrect Grade: To allocate negative marks to each incorrect answer given in this topic/skill, chose this field and enter the marks

  1. This field has a Specific format, marks should be preceded with “-“ i.e. a minus. As shown in the screenshot below 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer in the “Technical Aptitude” Skill under Difficultly level “Easy”.


9. Select Question: This field displays the number of questions that are fixed/displayed every time this test is started for each candidate. You may click on the current Number and select the desired question from the available questions. The number of questions should be either less than or equal to the number of question selected for display.


10. Delete / Remove Skill: To remove a skill, we need to click on the “Delete icon” as shown in the snapshot below.


11. Doted Additional fields: These additional settings help you to:
  1. Setting the time duration for each section name.
  2. Disabling the randomization of the questions.