Step 1- Login on the ExaminER Dashboard

Step 2- Click on the Test-taker Id in the test detail page. You will be taken to the test report(answer script) of that test taker. Initial test report(answer script) view:

Step 3- Once the report opens , navigate to the question and click on re-evaluate

            The unchecked questions are indicated  with a red pen icon

Step 4- Click on Re-evaluate


Step 5 - Provide suitable marks and evaluation comments.

Note: Evaluator can’t provide marks for system graded questions such as MCQ, Fill in the Blank questions, etc.

Step 6- Click on the “DONE” button and refresh, the pen icon will change to green.

Step 7- Move to the next question

Step 8- When you have graded all the questions click on the next button to move to the next report


Other Features on the Test Reports(Answer Scripts)

  1. See the History of Evaluations done for a question: A question can be evaluated multiple times. Once the evaluation is complete the evaluator can see the history of evaluation done for each question by clicking on the “View Evaluation Logs” link.


  2. Evaluation comments can be made mandatory while awarding marks for a question. If the evaluator doesn’t provide comments an alert will be shown as follows:


  3. In case any manual evaluator, tries to go on some other webpage by clicking on any link present on the report (answer script) while any  manual graded question that was attempted by the test taker has no marks awarded by the evaluator then a soft check message will be shown as follows: