Here are some frequently asked questions and their responses. 

Q1 - What happens if my work is not completed within the given due date?

A1-  The test and report(Answer scripts) will be displayed on the dashboard and the test detail page but you will not be able to open the report.

Q2- How are reports displayed in the calendar widget on the dashboard?

A2- The calendar widget shows you upcoming 10 due dates, with closest due dates on top

Q3- How are dates displayed in the progress chart?

A3- The progress chart shows upto 7 due dates, with the closest due date on the leftmost bar. The data displayed in each bar is the sum of all reports(answer scripts) across tests which are due on the specific date.

Q4- How are the status for reports(answer scripts) updated?

A4- the status is updated automatically based on the questions graded in the report(answer script)

  • Graded: count of all answer scripts which have been checked

  • Partially graded: Count of all answer scripts in which some answers have been checked

  • Not graded: Answer scripts which haven't been checked

Q5-Can I change the due date?

A5 No, due dates are set by the exam coordinator/test admin. Please contact them for due date extensions.

Q6- Can I update the score/ marks of a report(answer script), once the status is shown as graded?

A6- Yes, You can update the score/marks of a report within the given due date. There is no limitation on the platform. Please ensure that you are following processes laid out by your exam coordinator.

Q7- I am unable to open the report of a candidate ?

A7- There could be two reasons

        1- The due date for the report has been crossed , so you no longer have access

        2- The due date is not over but your access has been revoked by the test admin/ exam coordinator

Q8- How do I track which questions have been graded in the report(answer script)?
A8- You will see a pen iconon top of each question if the pen is:

  • Red: The question has been graded

  • Green : The question has been graded

Q9- What happens if I click on next report icon without checking all the questions in one report(answer script)?

A9-  The system will prompt you before moving to the next report

Q10- Do I have to check the entire report in one go?

A10- No, you can check the reports at any time, your data is saved up to the questions you have graded and marked done. The appropriate status of Partially Graded would be shown against the test taker until all questions in a particular answer script have been evaluated and assigned scores.