ExaminER is an intuitive and easy to use solution for online grading and tracking of answer scripts. It is aimed at education institutes looking to fastrack their evaluation process in an efficient and secure manner.

Once the evaluator logs into their account they will see the following pages:

1- Dashboard : This gives  an overview of reports (answer scripts)assigned to the evaluator across multiple tests and progress made by them. It allows for easy navigation to tests and tracking of upcoming due dates.

2- Test Detail Page - This page helps the evaluator in tracking the status of grading for all answer scripts of a test. It also shows you the date(s) on which grading of answer sheet is to be completed

3- Reports(Answer scripts) of each student for scoring each question. Evaluators can easily scroll through the reports,review the answers submitted by test-takers and score the answers.

How to log into ExaminER

System flow:

Step 1- Log in to your mettl account


Step 2- View the tests assigned to you


Step 3- Click on a test name(You will be redirected to test detail page) 


Step 4-View the reports(answer scripts) assigned to you

Step 5- Click on the test-taker ID 


Step 6- View the report(answer script) of the test-taker


Step 7- Award marks to the test-taker

Step 8- Click on the arrow keys to navigate between reports of test taker