Admin of a Team: 

Admin of a team or sub-account has access to all the roles within the team (The concept of “Roles” is the same as present-day Mettl).

The sub-account/team admin can perform the following activities:

●    Create/delete sub-users of his/her own team

●    Assign roles to sub-users 

●    View the roles and permissions created by the account owner

A team admin would be able to see only their own content or assessments which are available in their account.

Note - As per the current functionality, admin of a team once assigned cannot be changed.

Users of a sub-account - 

The user could be created by both account holder and the users in teams depending on the role assigned to them, just like the present system. General users who get added to a team can perform activities basis the permissions assigned to him/her by the admin.

Hierarchical relationship:

Account Owner can create a team and assign the roles to the users. He/She can see all teams and can perform functions across teams. Admin of one team is unique to that team, different teams cannot have the same admin.

Team Admin can create users within their team. If a particular team admin logs in, he/she only sees his/her team. Can create users in it and assign roles to them. Every team admin or user would be able to see only their own local content or assessments. 

The account owner can switch accounts between multiple teams. Other users added in multiple teams can also switch their accounts within teams. The switch account functionality has been made more visible.