As per the GDPR, whenever any personal information is being collected from candidates/employees who are European Union residents, their consent needs to be taken explicitly.

The consent statement should clearly convey the following:

  • The purpose of collecting the personal information

  • Mention the entities/organizations who require this information

  • Duration of storing this information

Mettl, in its commitment to data privacy and compliance to GDPR, provides you with the ability to take consent from candidates/employees sharing any personal information while taking assessments.

To setup your account and seek consent from candidates, you can go to Account > Details > Data Privacy Settings section and Enable the Explicit Consent. By default, the explicit consent is disabled for your account.

Note: Only the account admin will be able to configure the explicit consent statement.

Once you enable the consent, you can customize the consent statement according to your business needs. You will find a default generic statement but we recommend that you speak to your Legal team and customize it.

Note: We recommend you to change the default consent statement as per your requirements after speaking to your Legal team.

After you have saved the consent for your Mettl account, it will start appearing for all candidates/employees while filling up the Registration Fields. The candidates will be able to proceed with the test only on agreeing to the statement by clicking on the checkbox.

Note: Once the explicit consent is enabled and configured, it will appear for ALL candidates taking any assessment being conducted through that account irrespective of their geography.

To remove the consent statement, you can again go to the Explicit Consent section under Data Privacy Settings and click on Disable.

For more information about GDPR and explicit consent, you can refer this article.

Please note that any apps built on Mettl Platform through Mettl APIs, will need to build their own consent management system.