About SSO (Single Sign-On)

We understand the hassle to remember multiple credentials and cumbersome process of entering endless string of questions to access our tests. As always, we work on simplifying the experience and are delighted to introduce a solution.

Mettl's platform now supports smooth and quick integration of single sign-on (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). SSO mitigates compliance and security risks for organisations by giving you control over user authentication.

Why SSO with Mettl

By configuring SSO you can use your identity provider to authenticate your candidates. It lets a user log in once and gain access to Mettl assessments without being prompted to log in again. SSO also enables application to share information about users.This is both convenient and secure practice for your organisation!

Test takers, no need to remember multiple credentials

 No more time wastage on searching and remembering multiple credentials or filling lengthy forms to give tests on Mettl platform. A seamless transition between applications. Redirect test takers from your account directly on Mettl's platform, enhancing the test taking experience.

Data required from clients

IdP Metadata URL in XML format

Please go through the attached document to know more about SSO on Mettl.