How to Login

Getting Started: Proctoring

  • Click on the live feed button in order To start the live feed.

Selecting the Assessments

  • Select those assessments for which you want to authorize and proctor the candidates.

  • You would be able to see the live feed of the candidates only for the assessment which is selected on this page.

Authorization and Live Feed

  • Select the appropriate option between authorization and live feed.

Authorization : You can allow the candidate who has submitted their details.

Live Feed : You can see the live feed of the candidate who is giving the test currently.

On Authorization Page

Candidate Validation or verification

  • Check the details which are provided by the candidate and take the appropriate action.

  • You can message a candidate during the authorization process

  • You can ask the candidate to Resubmit the details in case the Provided details are not cleared or Not visible.

  • You can see the resubmit history Or how many times the candidate have been asked to resubmit the details.

On Live Feed page

After clicking on the “Allow” button, it will redirect you to the live feed page from where you can see the live feed of all the candidates who are giving the test currently.

Live Feed of the candidate

  • Proctor can pause and end the candidate test if needed.

  • Proctor can chat with the candidate.

  • Proctor can playback through the candidate’s recording.

  • Proctor can see the candidate test screen.