Pre-Built Tests are ready to use assessments that can measure a wide range of Psychometric, Aptitude, Programming and other skills related capabilities.

Once you have logged into your account, you can add Pre-Built Tests from the test library and schedule the assessment.  

To add a pre-built test in your account:

  • Click on the “Test Library” button.

  • Under the test library section, there are multiple tests categorized for different skills like technical aptitude, quantitative aptitude, analytical skills, etc.

  • The pre-built tests are classified into different topics and groups, which can be seen on the left side, under the “All Tests” section.

  • You can also search desired tests by typing the related keywords on the search tab.

  • Click on the relevant test to view the details.

  • After clicking the chosen test, you will be able to view the entire test description and details related to that test.

  • You can also view the sample report of the test, by clicking on the option “View Sample Report”.

  • You can also preview the test by clicking on the option “Preview Test”.

  • Once you are satisfied with the test details and the report, you can add the test into your account by clicking on the option “Add to my Tests”.

  • Click on the “My Tests” option to view the pre-built test added to your account.

  • A blue strip will appear on the top of the pre-built test added to your account. This differentiates the pre-built test from other tests.

Note: You cannot view or alter the composition of the pre-built test. 

Refer the GIF for details :