The Mettl platform enables users to bulk upload their questions onto the platform.

For uploading, log into your Mettl account and click on the ‘My Questions’ tab. Once on the ‘My Questions’ page, click on the upload arrow right next to the ‘Add Questions’ tab.

From the dialogue box, select the appropriate question type and download the respective template.

The questions types are segregated as below:

  • General Questions:

    • Multiple Choice Questions

    • Multiple Choice Questions with Partial Grading

    • Checkbox Questions (MCA)

    • Checkbox Questions (MCA) with Partial Grading

    • Fill in The Blanks

    • Short Answers

    • Long Answers

    • Long Answers with Auto Grading – Beta

    • Upload Type Questions

    • Diagram Type Questions

  • Coding Questions - PFB the languages supported:

    • C

    • CPP,

    • CSharp

    • VB.Net

    • Java6

    • Java7,

    • Java8

    • PHP

    • Swift2

    • Go1

    • javascript8

  • DB Query Questions – PFB the databases supported

    • Oracle

    • MSSQL

    • MYSQL

The first sheet of the upload template is the ‘Instruction’ sheet which is detailed manual to help you navigate the upload template. All the necessary steps are laid out for easy understanding, we suggest that you refer it while using the template for the first time.

Please find below the GIF for reference;