There are two ways in which you can create a question bank on Mettl Platform.

  • Individual Question Upload

  • Bulk Upload through Excel template.

Individual Question Upload:

In order to upload individual questions directly onto the platform, log in to your account and click on the ‘My Questions’ tab on the top bar.

Once on the My Questions page, Click on ‘Add Questions’ and select the ‘Question Type’ from the drop down.

Mettl Platform supports the following types:

  • Knowledge Base Questions:

    • Multiple Choice

    • Checkbox

    • Short Answer

    • Fill in the Blank(s)

    • Long Answer

    • Upload Type

    • Diagram Type Questions

  • Application Based Questions

    • Code Snippet

    • App Development

    • Database Query

    • Frontend Coding

    • Case Study

    • Typing Simulator

    • Mobile Question

  1. After selecting the relevant question type, provide a ‘Topic Name’.

  2. Please note, upon uploading, the questions will be save under this ‘Topic Name’ and can be found on the left bar on the ‘My Questions’ page and we can navigate through all the questions by simply providing the topic name during assessment creation, or for editing the questions.

  3. If, you want to create a new question bank, kindly ensure that you provide a unique name. In case you want to update an existing bank, select the relevant topic from the dropdown.

  4. Once the question bank is created, there is an option of moving the two or more banks under one group.

  5. In order to group different question banks, on the left hand bar click on the arrow next to ‘All Questions’ and select ‘New Group’ from the dropdown and assign a unique name to it.

  6. Once the group is created, find the question bank that you want to move to this group and select ‘Move To’ from the dropdown by clicking on the arrow next to the topic name and select the relevant group name.