Test Options :

Once we click on the option ( three doted lines) we would have the following list.

Edit Test Name

  • To edit the name of the test.

Edit Test

  • This feature allows us to modify the test blue print.

  • To view the Step by step modification detail, Click Here.

  • A test can only be edited until the test takers count is Zero(0).

  • Once, we have test taker for the test, this option shall not be available and will be graded out.

Duplicate Test

  • This feature will duplicate the test blue print.

  • Name of the new test would “Test Name – Copy

Registration Fields 

  • This feature can either be used to verify the details (which is per-uploaded on platform) or

  • We can capture any specific details from the test takers.

  • Candidate registration field (CRF) can be modified at Assessment Level and Account Level.

  • Any Modifications made through here shall only be applicable for that assessment.

  • Through, this option we will only be able to customize the CRF using the fields that are available in the global settings. 

  • You may not be able to Edit / Add the fields.

Change Settings

  • For complete details, Click here and refer the Test option content for more details.

Archive Test

  • This feature allows the user to move an assessment to Archive folder.

  • Once an assessment is Archived, the same shall not be available on the Dashboard of the “MY TEST” tab.

  • To use an archived assessment, we first have to un-archive the same. We will shall be able to restore the complete assessment settings.

Delete Test

  • This feature helps to delete the assessment from the “MY TEST” dashboard.

  • Once the test has been deleted the data cannot be recovered.