ADVANCE OPTIONS” as shown in the below screenshot, to customize the assessment.

Test Options:

  • Show custom message before assessment starts

    • To display a custom message before the start of the test.

  • Allow copy and paste (useful if assessment has coding problems)

    • By default, copy and paste is not allowed on the platform.

    • Enabling this feature will allow the participants to copy and paste on the test window.

  • Show custom message to candidate after test finishes.

    • We can set custom message which will be displayed to the candidate after test finishes.

    • To set the custom message we need to define the “Performance Categories” for the assessment.

    • Then, we shall be able to define custom message for each performance category.

  • Show report to test-taker after test finishes

    • Enabling this feature will help participants to view their test reports after the test finishes.

  • Redirect test-takers after test finishes

    • With this feature, we shall be able to re-direct the participants to a specific URL.

  • Provide on-screen calculator to test-takers

    • Enabling this feature will provide an on-screen scientific calculator on the test screen.

  • Fixed Section Order for test-takers 

    • Enabling this feature will fix the order of the section in which participants will have to start the test.

    • By default, if there are multiple sections candidate has the option of selecting the section from which they want to start test.

  • Custom Assessment Name

    • This feature helps to mask the display name of the Assessment which will be presented to the candidate.

    • For e.g. An assessment could be named as “Java Version 10” on the platform with this feature we can mask the name to “Java Consultant” when the test is started.

    •  To mask the name, we just need to write the desired name in the text box available.

    • Also, we may link the assessment name and the test link name or schedule name.We can use the key words {assessment-name} to pick the current assessment name and {schedule-name} to pick up the current schedule name.

    • Format for the same should be {assessment-name} for {schedule-name}

Section Options

This is further segregated under:

  1. Section Options :

    • We can set the sectional instructions here. As soon as the participant open a section, this message will appear on screen.

Make All Questions Mandatory:

Enabling this feature will make all questions in every section mandatory.


Randomize Questions

Enabling this feature will randomize the question to be displayed on the test from the skill that has been selected.


Randomize Options

Enabling this feature will randomize the options.

To use the feature effectively please check the below screenshot.

        Use 'All of the given options' instead of 'All of the above/below' or 'None of the given options' instead of 'None of the above/below'    

        The questions in 'Mettl Personality Inventory' and 'Mettl Motivation Inventory' make use of the Likert scale in the options.

        Please keep these skills in a separate section in case you wish to randomize options for other questions.

Section Order :

Candidate Registration Fields (CRF)

  • This feature can either be used to verify the details (which is pre-uploaded on platform) or

  • We can capture any specific details from the test takers.

  • Candidate registration field can be modified at Assessment Level and Account Level.

  • Any Modifications made through here shall only be applicable for that assessment only.

  • Through, this option we will only be able to customize the CRF using the fields that are available in the global settings. We will not be able to Edit / Add the fields.

Coding Questions Settings

  • This feature is helpful in case of Coding questions.

  • For details information around that same Click here.