To create a Mobile Question :

1. In your account, click on My Questions tab.

2. Then click on Add Question tab on the top right side.

3. From the scroll-down, select the Question Type as Mobile Question in Application Based Questions & provide a Topic Name in which the question is supposed to be added.

4. In the screen that opens, select the bifurcation for the question as in Easy, Medium or Difficult. 

5. In the question details box fill the desired text for the question. Post which the Mettl default template can be downloaded for review purpose or you may upload your own custom template which shall be referred by the candidates to enter the codes.

6. On the top of the dashboard, we have the editor tools available which shall be used for the formatting of the text.

7. Then, click on the 'SAVE' button to save the question in the respective Skill-Set / Topic.

For more details you may refer the GIF below;