To create a question for Typing Simulator :

1. In your account, click on My Questions tab.

2. Then click on Add Question tab on top right side.

3. From the scroll-down, select the Question Type as Typing Simulator Question in Application Based Questions & provide a Topic Name in which the question is supposed to be added.

4. In the screen that opens, fill the desired text for reference. The same text will be displayed to the candidate referring to which the candidate is suppose to type in while responding the question.

5. Post to this the weightage must be assigned to the Accuracy and Typing Speed in terms of percentage.

6. After this the bifurcation for the question shall be selected as in Easy, Medium or Difficult.

7. Now, the Typing Speed must be assigned in terms of Words per Minute attaining to which the candidate shall get full marks.

8. After the successful addition of the question the same shall be previewed by clicking on the Preview tab.

9. Then, click on the 'SAVE' button to save the question in the respective Skill-Set / Topic.

For more details, please refer the GIF below;