Case Study Questions : 

Case Study questions are used to assess a candidate's caliber to assess a particular business case scenario.
To create a Case Study type question :
1. In your account, click on My Questions tab, then click on Add Question tab on top right side.

2. From the scroll-down, select the Case Study Question type(In Application Based Questions) & specify topic name in which the question is to be added.

3. In the screen that opens up later, select the difficulty level of the question as per your choice from the Difficulty Level drop-down box.

4. Fill the 'How to attempt? (Case Instruction)' field with the instruction that you want the candidate to follow to attempt the question.

5. In the Case Situation field, fill the business scenario as desired for the question.

6. In the Problem Statement field, fill the main question that the candidate needs to find a solution for.

How to fill the Case Information Box ?

1. In the Add node box, provide the parent node's name, and click on Add node. The node is added in the blank space below.
2. Click on the node, and on the right side of the Case Information box, click on Add Query.
3. In the Query box, provide the Query Question and Query Answer, and provide the marks allotted for that particular query.
4. To add more nodes, select the parent node, and then click on Add node again. A child node is created. Provide the relevant queries for it as explained in point 3 above. (NOTE : You cannot create two parent nodes)
5. In the Max Queries Allowed field, provide the number of times a candidate can view the queries. Ensure that it is greater than the number of relevant queries overall)
6. In the Answer Type scroll-down, select Single Correct (if only one answer is correct) or Multiple Correct (if more than one answer(s) are correct).
7. In the Answer Details fields, provide the main answers as options amongst which the candidate will choose the correct answer. Mark the correct answer with the desired marks.
8. Finally, click on Save button.

For more details, please refer the GIF below;

Possible Errors you can face while creating Case Study question

If any node does not hold at least one query, an error prompt occurs. Each node should possess at least one query.
When the number of Max Queries Allowed is less than the number of relevant queries overall, then you will the following error prompt.

Specify the maximum queries, which should be greater than the number of relevant queries overall displayed. Then click Create Question button.