Front End Coding Questions

1. Click on Add Question tab on My Questions dashboard, and select the question type Front End Coding Question. To select the question type first click on Application based questions and then select Front End Coding Question and after that select the topic name in which you want to add the question


2. In the consecutive screen that opens up, provide the question details and specify the difficulty level of the questions.



3. Now in the project explorer write in the code. You can have the combination or HTML with CSS , HTML with java script or all three .


4. Then select the grading option Manual or Grade it for me (automated)


5. Then write in the test cases which will help you to assess the candidates. To write in the test cases JAVA Script, you need to define the JAVA pre-condition first else leave JAVA pre-condition option uncheck and proceed with test cases in CSS.


In CSS we do string to string comparison so if the code doesn’t match with the desired code even if the candidate is able to get the desired output. Candidate won’t get scores on this.


6. Once all done please click on Save button given on top right to save the question.

Dry Run a Front End Simulator Question

You can dry run or test a Front End Simulator(FES) question in your question bank. This helps question author in validating and identifying any bug left in the grading scripts. 

To dry run a questions users can follow the listed steps.

  • In your account, click on My Questions tab. 

  • Then click on Question bank in which the question resides.

  • When you navigate to the question and hover your mouse on it a new button as "Dry Run" would appear.

  • Click on it our FES code editor would appear as it appears on our test screen.

  • You can write any code and press "Grade" button to see the results.

  • The results view lists the percentage marks scored for the graded code and the status of individual test cases.

If you wish to change any test case or Javascript pre-conditions you can click on the edit button and change them.