Creating Code Project / App Development Question

1) Login to your account and then click on ‘My questions’, then  click on add question button that you will see on the top right. On the drop down click on ‘Application Based Questions’


2) Now click on App Development Questions from the list and then select the topic name under which you want to save this question.

3) Now you will be directed to the page as shown below where you have to  select the question type as per the nature of the question, in this case select  Java + oracle

4) Now enter the difficulty level and enter the question text in the respective fields


5) Scroll down and on the bottom right you will see button that says ‘ok got it’ please click on it and then you will see a small pop where you need to enter the project name, enter Project1 there.


6) Now we have to create the database first so please click on the ‘Database’ tab and then right the query to create the table and also right the query to insert the data in the table



7) Now we can provide the skeleton code for the candidate or define functions in APP folder. Test folder will be used by the candidate to right his unit test cases. In the test grade folder, you have to right all the test cases which will be compared with Candidate’s code or the output for the grading. So click on ‘code’ tab and right your test case in file as shown below.


8) Test-grade folder will not be visible to the candidate. Candidate will only see the project folder and Test folder. After adding the code click on build and then run the code to note the output in the console

9) Now to Add score for each test case you need to scroll down and click on ‘Grade it for me’

Then it will show you the list of all the test cases created by you and on right you will see the box where you can assign scores.

Once all done click on save button that you will see on right top.