To create a question in FITB Format:

  • In your account, click on My Questions tab.

  • Then click on Add Question tab on top right side.

  • From the scroll-down, select the Question Type as Fill in the Blanks (FITB) & provide a Topic Name in which the question is supposed to be   added.

  • In the screen that opens, fill the desired text for question and enter the correct response in #blank# space.

  • After this the bifurcation for the question shall be selected as in Easy, Medium or Difficult.

  • For the partial mark FITB, the option to Award Partial Marks should be checked and marks shall be equally distributed.

  • On the top of the dashboard we have the editor tools available which shall be used for the formatting of the text.

  • After the successful addition of the question the same shall be previewed by clicking on the Preview tab.

  • Then, click on the 'SAVE' button to save the question in the respective Skill-Set / Topic.

Please refer the below GIF for details;

To add questions in bulk for FITB Format:

  • In order to upload bulk questions onto the platform, log in to your account and click on the ‘My Questions’ tab on the top bar.

  • Once on the My Questions page, Click on the upload arrow beside ‘Add Questions’ tab and download the bulk upload template for the relevant ‘Question Type’

The first sheet of the upload template is the ‘Instruction’ sheet which is detailed manual to help you navigate the upload template. All the necessary steps are laid out for easy understanding, we suggest that you refer it while using the template for the first time.

   Fill in The Blanks - All the Fill in The Blanks type questions need to be entered in this sheet. It requires you to enter the following.

  • Topic: Enter the ‘Question Bank’ under which you want the question to be saved on the platform. Please note that one question can have only one topic name, however questions for varying topics can be uploaded simultaneously.

  • Difficulty Level: Enter the appropriate difficulty level for the question (Easy, Medium, Difficult).

  • Question Text: Enter the respective text of the question. Wherever a blank is required type ‘#blank#’. (Ex:” _______ is the capital of India.” Will be entered as “#blank# is the capital of India.”). Please note that a question can contain multiple blanks.

  • Answers: Enter the correct answers. In case a question contains multiple blanks, enter the answers as comma separated in correct order.

  • Answer Description (Optional): If you want the answer description to be a part of the report, enter the appropriate description.

**Please ensure that if the fields marked as ‘Optional’ are not required, kindly leave it blank.