Candidates are advised to use latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for a seamless experience during the Assessment. 

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Mobile devices (eg. Cellphone / Smartphones / Pads / Tablets)

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Safari and Edge browsers.

There are three ways to start an assessment on Mettl.

In case the candidate has received an Email with the test notification

1. Click on the 'CHECK SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY' tab to be redirected to a system check link.

2. If System compatibility is successful, click to the ‘START TEST’ tab to get redirected to the test page.

Refer to steps (3 - 10) below for further help.

If the candidate has received a test link URL, copy and paste the URL in the address of the browser


Candidates can open the test window by clicking on the 'Launch Test' tab.


Refer to steps (3 - 10) below for further help.


If the candidate has received an invitation key


1. In the address bar, candidates need to type ''



2. Upon entering the 'Test Invitation Key', candidates can launch the test window by clicking on 'Go' or by pressing 'Enter'.

Refer to steps (3 - 12) below for further help.

" Following steps (3 - 12) are generic and to be followed once the test launches


 If an assessment is initiated on Google Chrome

3.   If Screen Capture is enabled, candidates are guided to download a plug in.



If the browser extension fails to install automatically the same can be done manually by following the below mentioned process.


4. Candidates are asked to share their screen.


        If an assessment is initiated on Mozilla Firefox

      1. After launching the test you will get a pop-up screen on the top left corner to share the screen. You have to select “entire screen”.

             2. Once you select Entire screen option, Click on share screen button to give the permission to capture the screen.

          3. After launching the test, the candidates are required to provide permission for webcam and microphone and access for capturing Screen Shots.


If the required permissions are not provided to the platform, the below screen reoccurs:

4. They can proceed thereafter by clicking on 'Next'.

Once the Dry Run is Completed Candidate will get the below screens


1. Once the candidate clicks on the ‘Next’ button, he/she will be directed to an instructions page. The candidate is supposed to read carefully and adhere to all the instructions provided, till the completion of the test. Candidates need to click on ‘Proceed’ button in order to be directed to the registration page.

2. Candidates are required to fill in all the relevant data and proceed by clicking on ‘Next’.

3. Candidate will be redirected to the snapshot page where candidate needs to provide the snapshot of the face and a snapshot of the ID card. 


4. After providing the snapshot, candidates are guided to a ‘Section Instructions Page’. Upon reading all the instructions carefully, candidates may start the test by clicking on ‘Start Test’ tab.    

4. Once a candidate clicks on ‘Start Test’ it will open up the main test window. The screen has following data.


  • Time remaining for the test, displayed on top right corner of the test window.
  • 'Next Question' tab on the bottom right corner of the test window. Candidates can navigate between questions by clicking on the respective question number as well.
  • 'Section #1’, by using the option provided candidates can navigate between sections, or by clicking on the 'Next Section' tab on the bottom right of the test window.
  • 'Finish Test' tab on the top right corner of the test window.
  • The Revisit option helps the candidate mark a question that can be reviewed later before finishing the test.
  • The status of the question can be known according to the colour displayed. Green colour is for the question attempted , Orange for the questions to be reviewed and Grey for the questions not attempted.


5. Once a candidate decides to submit the test, he/she can do so by clicking on the ‘Finish Test’ tab at the top right corner of the screen. After clicking on ‘Finish Test’, candidates are guided to a ‘Test Summary’ page. Candidates are supposed to review all the details and either go back by clicking on ‘Cancel’ or proceed to submit by clicking on ‘Yes, Finish Test’.

  6. After the candidate clicks on 'Yes, Finish Test', the following screen is displayed. 

      We are making sure that all your responses are being saved securely on our servers for processing.




7. On completion of the test, candidates are requested to provide a feedback regarding their test taking experience.



I have given the required permissions to the platform even then the test is not working. I am getting the following error:


In case you are getting the above error, we would suggest you check your microphone and camera. Please ensure both the hardware’s are in working condition in order to take the test.

For further query, or in case of any technical difficulty while attempting the test, candidates are requested to:


Call on Mettl's technical support desk. Ph: +91 8287 803040

Drop an email at