You can also include Image-Based questions in your question bank. In order to create a question with an image included in it -

1. In your account, click on My Questions tab. Then click on Add Question tab on the top right side.

2. From the scroll-down, Select the Question Type for which you wish to create the image-based question (For e.g - MCQ/MCA etc.) & select Specify Topic.

3. Once, you select your Question Type & Topic Name, a new screen opens up, containing the format of the question type you selected.

4. Fill the desired values and question text, and mark the correct answer.


5. To add an Image, click on Question Text, then click on Insert Media.

6. A new screen opens up, click on Upload radio button and select the image from your directory which you wish to include in your question (the image's size should be less than 100 KB). After that click on OK button, file will be uploaded.

7. In the Answer Fields, select Image if your answer options are also images. Else, let the option remain TEXT by default, and then provide the corresponding answer options and grading for the correct answers.

8. Select the difficulty level of the questions from the drop-down option in Difficulty Level field. Then click on SAVE button.