Mettl platform offers a unique feature called "Proctoring", where you can prevent candidate cheating by monitoring LIVE video and web image feeds of the candidate. You can view/ monitor the actions of the candidate through his/her webcam, or through the alerts when he/she navigates away from the test window, and promptly notify him/her LIVE though an admin chat window. This solution provides auditable reports. Using remote proctoring, you can reach out a much larger set of candidates and not be limited by geography, while ensuring a securely administered assessment. You have the option of choosing Mettl’s proctors or your own.

To enable proctoring:

While creating the test-link for an assessment, enable the 'Proctoring' selecting the appropriate option (as per requirement).

Advanced Visual Proctoring

  • Assessments monitored with this proctoring technology provides the candidate's images/video while a proctor monitors them.

  • In Advanced Visual Proctoring test, candidate have to submit their own picture and a snapshot of their original Photo ID proof. This feature help helps in to prevent unauthorized person to take the test.
  • A checkbox with the text " Candidate Authorization " appears. Enabling this checkbox to add one more level of authentication. In this case, a proctor has to authorize the candidate to take the test.
  • A checkbox with the text " Capture Candidate Screen”, enabling this feature help in to capture candidate screen.
    This feature works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (latest version recommended).

For the guidelines of taking a Webcam proctored test kindly refer the below mentioned link.

System requirements for Webcam Proctoring