Restricting Test Access means that you can restrict and ensure that the right candidate takes the assessment.

This can be done by creating a test link, and then inviting particular candidates to take the assessment(s) (by emailing them the link), or by keeping the schedule accessible to all (in case of inviting a large number of candidates to take the assessment).

For Restricting access to take an assessment -

  • Click on Create new test button to create an assessment, or click on Test Link(s), and then click on Generate Another Link to create a new test link (in-case an assessment is already created).

  • Provide a test link name for the assessment.

  • In the Link to share tab, select the url and copy to share it with the candidates if you wish to allow any candidate to take the assessment. By default, it is open for all.

  • To invite particular candidates, check the box for Private Access only to invite selected candidates to take the assessment. Click on Add Candidates for the Test and fill in the required details and click on Done.

  • Enable the Send email notification check-box. Finally, click on Share Link button.