Mettl can aid you in your recruitment & employee training exercises. The platform includes the following features -

1. Extensive question banks: You can make use of Mettl’s extensive question banks, icluding 1,50,000+ quality questions covering 300+ technical, aptitude skills to choose from.

2. Upload your own questions: In case you want to use your own questions, they can be easily uploaded in your account, either manually one-by-one, or through Bulk Upload feature.

3. Create and customize tests: You can create & customize your online tests in terms of the number of questions in the test, the difficulty levels of the questions, marking scheme & much more.

4. Simulators to assess hands-on skills: You can use Mettl’s  diverse simulators to assess candidates on their programming & database querying skills, business acumen, spreadsheet skills & communication skills.

5. Prevent Cheating: You can use Mettl's unique proctoring technology to prevent candidates from cheating on their exam by using webcam-based monitoring, imposing IP address restrictions and  preventing candidates from navigating away from the test window.