Mettl allows you to restrict access to certain features in your account for specific users with the help of role-based access.

This feature allows you to define roles and associate only a limited set of permissions with each role

These roles can then be assigned to specific users and each user can access the features associated with his role only.

To use this feature:

1. Click on 'Account Settings' at the top right corner and choose “Global Settings” from the drop-down.

2. Click on the “Users & Roles” option.

3. Click on “Manage Roles”.

4. To add a new role click on “Add Role”.

5. To define a role:
  • Add a "Role Name" and "Role Description".
  • Select the functions that you would like to be accessed by that particular role. For example, if you intend to assign the responsibility of managing your assessments to a particular user but do not wish to allow the user to access the content or results in your account, you can create a role which doesn’t have any permissions except the assessment permissions available.
  • Also this feature restricts the view for the users which will help you to create and secure the privilege based information.
  • The new feature gives you the ability to hide Name, Email id and any other registration data collected at the time of starting a test in the reports for Sub users with Restricted view rights by enabling the Candidate Identity Management feature.

6. Once your role is defined, click on “Save Role” to save your settings. The role you created now starts appearing in your account.

7. To create a copy of the role, use the “Copy” button. Similarly, to modify a role, click the “Edit” button.

8. To invite users to the roles defined in your account, click the “Invite User” button.

9. Enter the name and email address of the user you would like to invite and select the relevant role from the list of roles available. Now click on invite to invite the user. The user will receive an email invitation for collaboration with the account, containing the username and password that can be used to login to the account.

10. You can modify the role assigned to a particular user by selecting the role you would like to assign, from the list of available roles, then click on update for saving the changes.

Please refer the GIF given below for the complete information.

Candidate view when CIM is enabled.