Free trial account:

You can signup on Mettl for a free trial account(no credit card required). Under the trial account, you can:

1. Use Mettl's sample content in your tests

2. Create your own questions(a maximum of 30 questions)

3. Conduct 30 tests for free

Note: Under the trial account you can upload only multiple-choice questions. Advanced question types like coding & database simulator questions are not available in the trial account.


Determining the price of a test:

The types of skills & questions assessed in a test determine the price of that test.

1. If a single skill is being assessed in a test, the price of test would simply be the price of that skill

2. If multiple skills are being assessed in a test, the price of that test would be based upon the skill with the highest price.

Upgrade your account to premium:

To upgrade your account to premium you need to make a minimum payment of $99.

To make the payment online,

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click on your account name at the top right corner and choose Billing.

  3. Enter the amount to be multiplied with the minimum payment $99 and click on Add Amount.

  4. You will be directed to paypal to complete the payments securely.

In case you already have an enterprise account and wish to recharge it, please contact your respective account manager or drop an email to

Accepted modes of payment:

Payments need to be made online unless you have an Enterprise account.

Following are the accepted modes of online payment:


      1. Credit Cards

2. Debit Cards

3. e-transfer

4. Paypal


Special pricing options/discounts:

In case you need to conduct 1000 assessments or more you can get in touch with us to avail a discount .

Just drop us an e-mail at with your requirement & we will contact you.

Billing/Payment Cycle:

When you conduct a test on Mettl, your account is deducted with an amount equal to the price of that test.

You can recharge your account whenever you think your balance is low. There is no periodic payment cycle (no monthly/yearly payments required).