The system requirements to attempt a test on Mettl platform is mentioned as follows -





Network Speed

Check if the candidates have a stable internet connection at their end with proper speed.
A proxy for this is if they are able to login into their email accounts without difficulty.

Upload Speed : 

For webcam proctored test - Minimum speed => 512 kbps

For non webcam test - Minimum speed -> 256 kbps

You can check Internet speed on following sites:

Please make sure there is no restrictions for Mettl Test on the network, as there are some blocks in the office network or laptop.


Supported Browsers

We support the following browsers:

BrowserFor (Proctored test)For(Non-proctored test)
Chrome version63 and above>20 (32.0.1700.76 is not supported)
Firefox version52 and above11 and above
Safari version12 and above4 and above 

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Mobile devices (eg. Cellphone / Smartphones / Pads / Tablets)

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Edge browsers.

Mettl webcam-based proctored test is supported on the following browser versions:

    a. Windows OS

     i)  Firefox: Latest version or Click on the below link to download. 

    iii) Google Chrome: (recommended latest version)

    b. Linux OS

    i)  Firefox: Latest version or Click on the below link to download.           

    c. macOS

    i) Firefox: Latest version or Click on the below link to download.        

  ii) Google Chrome: (recommended latest version)


Firewall Settings

Grant necessary firewall permissions to allow all requests from all sub-domains of in any of the following manner:

  1. If possible allow all access from the network to *

  2. if wildcards are not allowed in the firewall configuration rules, then please allow all access to the domain tabulated below:



Apart from the above mentioned, following are the domain details which needs to unblocked

Domain      : (
Ports TCP : 3478
Ports UDP : 3478 , Range 49152 - 65535

Opening these ports will make the service faster and efficient while giving you better quality images.


  1. To use advanced image proctoring (live webcam monitoring) grant firewall permissions to ports 1987 and 1988 for i.e. and should be accessible & ensure that you have latest or updated version of Java installed. Also, make sure that you uninstall any external webcam software (any third party/vendor softwares) from your system prior to starting the test.

  2. is required for the advance proctored tests. Additionally you need to give access to Port 1988 for advance proctored tests.


Browser Settings 

Mettl tests can be conducted with Pop Blocker enabled and for most commonly used Browser Security Settings.

In Rare case when you click on the Launch Test button, in case Mettl test window doesn't open, it may be due to the pop-up blocker setting of your browser.
Please use the allow once/always option to allow the test window to open.
Optionally, you may disable the pop-up blocker for the duration of the test.
Pop-up Blocker Disabled :
For Mozilla Firefox on Windows: Go to ‘Tools’ --> Select ‘Options’ --> Click ‘Content’ tab and then uncheck ‘Block Pop-up windows’  check box.

For Google Chrome: Go to ‘chrome://settings/’ --> Click on 'Show advanced settings' (at the end of the page) 

--> Under 'Privacy', click on 'Content Settings' --> Under 'Pop-ups', select ‘Allow all sites to show pop-ups’ --> Click on Done

In case the pop-up blocker has been disabled, please turn-on the same after finishing the test


Browser Cache Settings

Do clear browser cache/cookies before the 1st round of candidates start taking the assessment. 

For the subsequent rounds of candidates taking the test on the same machines you don’t need to clear the browser cache/cookies.

In case any candidate faces any issue in loading the test or images, first shutdown the system directly using power button and then clear the cache again.

For most browsers pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE” and selecting Clear Cache (for Firefox and Chrome).

After doing this restart the browser.


System  Settings 

Mettl recommends candidates to disable security patches, updates of the anti-virus definitions and/or application updates (manually) during the test in order to avoid any interference while taking the test.

Candidates shall disable automatic system updates for the duration of the test. As automatic System Updates may lead to heavy downloads during the test and auto-system re-start will hamper the candidate's experience.

To disable System Auto-updates:

 For Windows, Go to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’ -> Type‘services.msc’ and then stop ‘Automatic Updates’ service.

In case the Automatic System Updates have been disabled, please turn-on the same after finishing the test

In case you get a prompt that 'Ports 1987 and 1988 have been blocked' or similar, permission needs to be provided to Mettl ports to ensure that a web-cam proctored test may run on the system.

Alternatively, you may disable system's anti-virus/firewall for the duration of the test.


Text Expiry/Power Resume

In case the test window closes in the middle of the test or at the time of submission for any reason, the system waits for at-least 20 minutes before expiring the test & generating the result report for that particular candidate. 

This allows the candidate to re-login & resume the test from exactly where it stopped within those 20 minutes.


Support Information

In case of any issue kindly call Mettl support at +91 - 8287803040 or drop an email on