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Hello, I couldn't give the entrance exam, I tried contacting Mettl support, I did whatever the agent asked me to do. But then It started showing that "The candidate has already completed this test". I did only one question and then the issue came up. I am worried as I don't know what to do now. Mettl replied to my ticket by saying that I should try contacting the University. I have mailed to them but no response. I would like the mettl to resolve our matters by linking us to the university as we right now have no clue who and how to contact. Mettl support lines are always busy. Please some official from either mettl or Christ, Convey us some information as we all students here on the forum are worried.

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Yes this is the exact thing I did. I really hope someone would reply to the emails I have sent to mettl and christ. We are really worried as they are not even informing us anything. I am really worried if I'll have another test. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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I have just Registered ... and Created my account and logged in here..... I am new , and am Interested to pursue CHARTERED DATA SCIENTIST..... I have done MBA in Operations Management, MTech in Mech Engineering, MSc(Mathematics)-Continuing, PG Diploma in Cyber laws and Intellectual Property Rights-Cryptology is my Specialization..... Please Advice.

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