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christ university exam

It was all fine and i was in my 60th question .My laptop charging was almost over and I tried to connect the charger.But as i tried to connect in between itself my laptop was shut down and  I tried to resume but I couldn't resume my test.The instructions mentioned before the exam gave that we can resume the test if there is any disturbance with our laptop or desktop.I have called them for more than 50 times but there is no response.please find me a way to write my exam again or resume my test as soon as possible.

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i tried to give my test but the site did not open, all i tried to restart it but it got stuck on the verification page. i also tried calling to mettl about more than 30 times but there was no response. So i shoot a mail regarding the technical issues i was facing and  i got the ticket option. At 4:30pm the site open up after trying for complete 1hr and it showed that the test link is deactivated. please provide me a solution to give my exam as soon as possible.

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Similar thing happened with me too. My interview went so well but I could do just one question before all this crazy thing happened.
They should do something about it.

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its a very bad idea to take exam even during such a global paendamic as no one is able to get webcam and if having some technical error so call a techician.and the custome supprt of this website is worst.

i am trying to contact them for tommorows exam but having issue of unable to connect microphone and webcam but no one is responding to it.

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where will I get the invitation key???

i did'nt get any link which is related to the christ university2020 mock test

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